Dalmatian dogs make good pets

Dog etiquette for Croatia

The accommodation

In some accommodations in Croatia, several pets are always welcome. Others only accept a single dog. Third parties would like to receive an inquiry in advance and then inform them whether there is still a place with a pet available in the desired period. Please pay attention to the details of the holiday home description in order to find the right property. You can also find holiday homes with enclosed grounds, pools and other extras under "Other features".

As a side note, dog-friendliness does not automatically mean that dogs are allowed to use the pool area, the green areas or a garden. This is usually not a problem for well-behaved four-legged friends. However, the landlord's hygienic principles and rules should still be observed. You will usually find some information on this in the description of the accommodation.

Our tip: Rent your holiday home for holidays with your dog in Croatia in good time, because the most beautiful holiday homes near the water are quickly booked out during the season.

Leash and good behavior

In towns and near the beach there is usually a leash obligation. According to international rules, dogs in national parks must in principle be kept on a leash to protect the game population.

For shorter visits to places of interest, the dog should be used to waiting in the car when the weather is suitable or with a companion outside, provided that it does not stay in the holiday home for this time.

Many restaurants in Croatia, including those integrated into hotels, unfortunately do not allow dogs to be accompanied. Your four-legged friend should therefore already have learned at home to stay alone in the accommodation for a short time without falling into wild howls or destructiveness. This can be trained well with puppies. Your hosts and your nerves will thank you.

What is good for the dog?

In addition to the family, the dog should of course also feel comfortable on vacation. Some dogs love being on the beach and taking long walks. For others, the climate in Croatia is extremely physically stressful, especially during midsummer. Long strolls through town and hikes along rocky stretches of coast are certainly not among the four-legged friends' favorite activities. Good planning is half the battle here. As explained in the article about weather & climate in Croatia, it is your responsibility as the owner to choose the right holiday destination.

With your dog on the beach?

Sunbathing with a dog is only permitted at a minimum distance of 100 meters from official bathing beaches. However, there are distinct dog beaches in Croatia, which are marked with a yellow-blue-red-green flag with a dog bone logo in the middle. They are often found at dog-friendly campsites. Even on so-called "wild" beaches, i.e. on remote beaches and bays, you can go swimming with your dog all year round. In the off-season, dog bids are followed with less emphasis. Of course, it is the courtesy of the guest that he obey the local rules.

Veterinary care

In the event of an emergency, veterinary care in the tourist areas of Croatia by veterinarians with pet experience is good. There is a network of veterinary clinics and ambulances. With regard to the respective destination, you can find out more at www.veterinarstvo.hr or obtain information from [email protected]

* Photo above: Bay Lucice © User: Bunker, Wikimedia Commons [CC-BY-SA-3.0]