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02.11.2016 15:02

Lucibel produces the first LiFi luminaire with 42 Mbits / s

Marie de Chalup Scientific department
Scientific Department, French Embassy in the Federal Republic of Germany

The French company Lucibel and the Scottish company PureLiFi are jointly launching the marketing of their LiFi lighting fixture. LiFi (for “Light Fidelity”) is a technology for optical communication through the modulated light of a light-emitting diode, which enables information to be exchanged between a light source and a computer.

Since the development of the first prototype in June 2015, the speed of this two-way connection has quadrupled and the size of the USB stick for receiving the data has been reduced by a factor of five.

Due to its advantages (no remote access to the network, no harmful radio waves), LiFi technology is mainly used where data protection is one of the greatest challenges (banks, defense), radio waves are forbidden (hospitals, schools) or a high number of users is created (co-working spaces, airports).

Experts are currently aiming for this product in order to offer greater mobility when accessing the Internet, where WLAN is not available at all, is insufficiently or poorly. According to the CEO and founder of Lucibel, the integration of LiFi technology in smartphones or tablets will make LiFi technology available to private individuals in two or three years.

Source: “Lucibel industrialise en France le 1er luminaire LiFi à 42 Mbit / s”, article from ViPress.net, 09/21/2016 - http://www.vipress.net/lucibel-industrialise-france-1er-luminaire-lifi- a-42-mbit ...

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