Is sesame seed good for your skin

Sesame oil for skin and hair: effect of natural care

Sesame oil as a care product is particularly suitable for people who suffer from dry skin. But the oil also has a beneficial and caring effect on the hair and scalp.

Natural care with sesame oil for the skin

Thanks to its valuable ingredients, sesame oil is ideal for skin care: The skin is supplied with vitamins A and E, among other things, and the antioxidants it contains can prevent premature skin aging. Sesame oil is particularly helpful for dry and chapped skin, but is suitable as a care product for all skin types. Sesame oil can also be used as a massage oil. It is also popular in foot care because it not only regenerates dry skin and calluses, but also has an antibacterial effect and protects the feet from fungal attack. If you want to use sesame oil for your skin, you should make sure to buy unroasted oil. This is light yellow in color and largely tasteless and odorless. Toasted sesame oil is more aromatic and is mainly used for cooking.

Sesame oil: Attention allergy sufferers!

In general, sesame oil is well tolerated and can be used anywhere. However, it can cause undesirable reactions in allergy sufferers, especially as a cross-reaction with nuts or soy, as reported by the website "". So before you undergo a wellness cure with sesame oil on your whole body, you should first rub a small area in if you have known intolerances. This allows you to quickly see whether the oil is causing you an allergic reaction.

Cares for the hair and scalp

Massage with sesame oil also has a positive effect on a dry scalp. It increases blood circulation, helps with scalp prone to dandruff and prevents fungal infections. Brittle and split hair can also be cared for with sesame oil. In addition, according to "", due to its nature, it can also help regenerate damaged scalp or cornea.

This method is beneficial for the scalp and hair, for example: Warm up some sesame oil slightly and massage it into the scalp and, if necessary, into the hair. Wrap a towel around your head and leave the oil on for 30 minutes. Then wash off the oil thoroughly with shampoo so that your hair does not become too greasy.

tip: Sesame oil, especially toasted, is also good for cooking and frying.