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Laser speed cameras: mobile and stationary measurement by the police

Stop the speed sender with laser measurement

In order to bring traffic offenders to account, the police rely on lasers Speed ​​measurement. The so-called Laser speed camera can do both stationary as well as mobile can be used.

The mobile speed control using lasers has the advantage that the devices can be connected to one any location can be set up.

But what does it consist of difference between measuring with laser or radar? How do the laser speed cameras work? Can error occur when a speed measurement is carried out using a laser? Allowed to Laser interferers be used in road traffic? You can read more about this in the following guide.

The following laser speed cameras are available:


How do the laser speedometers work?

One difference between a laser speed camera and a radar system is that radar is used electromagnetic waves emitted and reflected by a car. The speed camera with laser works in a similar way, but uses so-called laser pulsesto control the vehicles.

The laser speed camera sends out several light impulses and can be used by the car received reflected light signals. The device can use the known speed of light to determine the corresponding distance calculate to the vehicle. The speed of the car.

After measuring with the laser, a coupled flash unit a photo can be triggered if the driver was driving too fast. By the way: when the police mobile lasers, usually no speed camera photo can be taken. With a laser gun to Speed ​​measurement it is determined how fast the driver is traveling. The officers can then stop the driver directly and, if necessary, pray to the cashier.

This is the latest technology with the laser speed camera LiDAR system for use. This is mainly used with the PoliScan Speed. The light reflections are through Multispectral cameras receive. Within 0.5 seconds the speed of a vehicle can thus be calculated.

Can errors occur when measuring the speed with the laser?

It is quite possible that the laser is used to increase the speed not 100 percent can be properly determined. In this case there is a measurement error.

In principle, for example, pistols that work by means of lasers, incorrectly set or be aligned. As a result, the speed of a car driver cannot be precisely determined.

The measurement using mobile laser measuring devices or laser speed cameras may only be carried out by trained officials be performed.

The measurement is only accurate if the device is precisely aligned and the Target optics has also been set correctly. A regular calibration should also be available so that the speed measurement becomes valid.

If you have received a fine for driving too fast, it may be worthwhile to appeal against the fine. You can do this within 14 days after receipt of the letter to the competent authority. If necessary, a Traffic law attorney help with.

Are laser jammers legal?

Laser interferers are devices that are used to counter the signals from lasers with speed cameras. Through the Radiation sources of the laser interferer can Laser speed measurement not take place. The signals emitted by a laser interferer falsify the pulses from the laser strobe or the mobile laser measuring device, which causes the Measurement method is faulty.

The use of Glass disruptors forbidden. You can legally though Radar detector or purchase laser jammers, but these may not be used. The use of a laser jammer carries a fine of 75 euros, one point in Flensburg and the Withdrawal of the device sanctioned.
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Laser speed cameras: mobile and stationary measurement by the police
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