Bitcoin is the internet of money

Experience the technical revolution that is taking the financial world by storm. Bitcoin & Blockchain Fundamentals and Programming is your guide through the seemingly complex world of Bitcoin. It gives you the knowledge you need to participate in the Internet of Money and understand blockchain technology. Regardless of whether you are developing the next killer app, investing in a start-up or simply want to learn more about the technology: This revised second edition contains all the basic information you need to get started.

Bitcoin, the first successful, decentralized cryptocurrency, is only just beginning, but has already created an industry worth billions of dollars. This industry is open to everyone who has the necessary knowledge and passion. And this book gives you the knowledge you need.

The second edition includes:
a detailed introduction to Bitcoin and the blockchain on which it is based - ideal for non-technical readers, investors and executives an explanation of the technical fundamentals of Bitcoin and cryptographic currencies for developers, engineers as well as software and system architects details about the decentralized Bitcoin network, its peer-to-peer architecture, the transaction cycle and the security principles, new developments such as segregated witness, payment channels and the Lightning Network a deep insight into blockchain applications and how the basic building blocks of this platform can be used in higher-level applications User reports, analogies, examples and code snippets that illustrate the key technical concepts

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