Oracle is the company's open source company

Oracle is one of the world's leading providers of software and hardware products. Together with its partners, our partner develops, produces, markets and sells database and middleware software solutions, application software and computer hardware such as servers and storage systems worldwide. Today Oracle is also the world's largest developer and provider of JAVA in the professional environment. Oracle today also plays a leading and increasingly important role in the field of the most modern cloud-based solutions.

The various software and hardware solutions are designed according to the relevant industry standards and are available both in complete packages and as individual components. For smaller and larger companies, government organizations or authorities, Oracle offers comprehensive packages as well as additional services and develops individual solution concepts in close cooperation with a wide variety of customers and partners. The most successful products on the market include the Oracle Enterprise Database, which has been the most successful solution in the field of relational databases on the market for many years.

With the 2nd generation of the Oracle Cloud, the Oracle Cloud G2 infrastructure supports traditional workloads and provides the most modern and maximally scalable environment for innovations and developments of the most complex requirements. However, it was also developed to recognize previously unknown security threats and to defend against them autonomously. By combining low costs with high performance, the total cost of ownership can be reduced significantly.

TIMETOACT is Oracle Gold Partner. Our certified employees with many years of experience support globally operating customers in the conception through to license and cost optimization at the highest level.

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