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Learn creative writing from scratch

Learn creative writing from scratch

Creative writing refers to the writing of fictional or creative texts. In Germany there is a wide range of authoring guides and writing courses. Do you want to attend a course on the weekend or should it be a course lasting several months? Training to become a writer is also possible today. In our article we explain the possibilities there are to learn the craft of writing.

Creative writing refers to the writing of fictional and literary texts. In a narrower sense, it is a method of learning to write and improving your writing style. The term Creative Writing comes from the USA. At the end of the 19th century, American universities offered the first writing courses. The first issue here was a guide to academic writing. Professors found that many students found it difficult to put their study knowledge into appropriate words. Creative writing during my studies was soon followed by the first writing guides in book form. Courses to learn to write are not a North American invention. Even the students in the ancient rhetoric schools had to write texts according to certain writing exercises or imitate the great authors.

In Germany, creative writing caught on with the writing movement in the 1970s and slowly found its way into school lessons. Today, around 40 to 50 years later, there is a wide range of opportunities to learn to write in this country. This is mainly due to the fact that there is a great demand for appropriate writing courses. Many young people in particular want to become writers today and are playing with the idea of ​​learning creative writing from scratch. Today this is possible in various forms. This includes writing courses from renowned authors, writing workshops, online writing schools and courses to become an author.

1. Learn to write - What do you have to bring with you as an author?

Anyone who is thinking of learning creative writing via distance learning, for example, should make one thing clear: This is a course lasting months or years. This is what it takes Time, perseverance and motivation. For a correspondence course, a workload of 8 to 10 hours is estimated. It is not for everyone to sit down after a day at school or at work and do regular writing exercises or study textbooks. If you are seriously thinking about studying creative writing, first test how much fun you can get from regular writing assignments. Such exercises can be found, for example, on the reading magnifier or in other writing forums.

Another alternative would be to have one two-day writing course on the weekend to prove. If you enjoy learning to write methodologically, it makes sense to consider taking an online writing class or creative degree program. Talk to the instructor of the writing course you are taking, how he assesses your performance and get some feedback. An honest conversation can help you decide whether you really have what it takes to be a writer. Creative writing is not just something for writers who want to become writers. A writing class at the weekend can be very beneficial to a hobby writer.

Many authors speak of broadening their horizons after a two-day course. The ideas for stories are bubbling up again and the pen flows smoothly over the paper. This is often due to the writing exercises in the course, they allow a different perspective on your own creative writing. In addition, there is the writing experience in the group. Especially those who suffer from writer's block for a long time or regularly could solve the blockages in a writing workshop.

Take a writing class

2. Learn creative writing - What types of courses are there

Those who want to learn creative writing will find a wide range and various types of courses in Germany today. These include weekend writing courses, writing workshops, online writing schools, distance learning or university courses. You don't necessarily have to take a course to learn story and novel writing. Guides for authors are an interesting alternative and especially interesting for beginners.

2.1. counselor

If you are just starting to write, the first step should be to use an author's guide. There are numerous debut authoring guides out there. They shed light on numerous topics such as brainstorming, planning the plot, creating characters, editing the novel and writing to the publishers. Look for one appropriate introduction For creative writing, we recommend the beginner's guide "Write a book and become an author". In addition to general works, there are many author's guides to choose from, which deal with special topics such as suspense or the writing of the synopsis. Before taking a writing course, it is advisable to study literature for authors. Basic knowledge of creative writing is required in individual courses.

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2.2. Weekend writing classes

Many courses take place and last on weekends a day or two. They are led by an experienced writer and provide methodical guidance for learning to write. Such offers can often be found at adult education centers or in writing schools. Incidentally, this shows that even professional authors cannot make a living from writing alone. Such courses serve the writer as a second mainstay, in addition to the writing of novels. The courses are usually dedicated to special topics such as autobiographical writing or writing crime fiction. Select the offer according to your interests. A writing course on the weekend at a writing school can be used to get to know creative writing or to give your writing new impetus. Of course, in addition to weekend courses, there are also writing courses lasting several weeks.

2.3. Writing workshops

These offers to learn to write are often designed for the long term. There are such workshops in many major German cities. Here you can learn creative writing together with several participants. The writing workshop is run by one professional author guided. You benefit from personal contact with the teacher and direct feedback from the other participants. Such a workshop is ideal for all authors who value contact with the teacher and other participants. Many authors notice significant improvements in writing style after a few weeks in the workshop. The course types are diverse and there is no clear definition of the term writing workshop.

2.4. Online writing school This offer to learn to write has had one in recent years real boom Experienced. Numerous authors now offer such courses on the Internet. The online courses last several weeks or months. Participants will have access to video content for creative writing and editing writing exercises online. Printed documents are rarely sent. The prospective author often enjoys the support of the lecturer, communication takes place via instant messaging services such as Skype or Zoom. Similar to the writing workshops, the offer at the online writing schools is diverse.

2.5. Distance learning

Open universities have offered creative writing courses for decades. Similar to the online courses, you can learn to write here alongside school or work, as you are free to organize your time. Participants have to take various exams. After successfully completing the distance learning university, you will receive a certificate. A famous distance academy is the school of writing. Other distance universities such as the Studienwelt Laudius or the Hamburg Academy for Distance Learning also offer corresponding courses.

2.6. Study creative writing

Some universities in Germany offer a course to learn to write. These include the universities of Leipzig and Hildesheim. There is also a corresponding postgraduate course in Biographical and Creative Writing at the private Alice Salamon University in Berlin. In all cases, it is a full-time degree with the aim of becoming a professional writer. You do one beforehand artistic aptitude test. Here it is an initial success when one is selected by the university from a large number of applicants. The demand is very high. The selection at public universities such as Hildesheim is usually based on text samples and selection interviews.

3. Practice makes perfect

There is a wide range of opportunities to learn creative writing. Guides are good for beginners and give a general overview. The selection of writing courses is particularly large. The offer ranges from weekend courses to courses that stretch over years. Those who want to make writing their profession can take a course to learn to write. The following applies to all creative writing offers: Practice creates masters. You can improve your style by writing regularly. If you work on your novel every day, you will notice how quickly writing becomes routine and the words flow more easily from the pen.

Don't just write on your novel. Budding writers can also improve their writing style by writing short stories. It is an art in itself to tell a story in just a few pages. It is important not only to write for the drawer, but also to present such stories to a readership. Post your short stories on creative writing forums like Leselupe.de. You can improve yourself as a writer through reader feedback.

Try to write daily

4. Conclusion:

If you want to learn creative writing, you can choose between different writing courses or read one of the numerous authoring guides. If you are toying with the idea of ​​becoming a writer, you can opt for a distance learning university or a course of study. You should think carefully about this step, only a few authors can make a living from writing their novels.

  • Guidebook: Guidebooks are particularly suitable for first-time authors. They convey important basic knowledge of creative writing, as the works illuminate the entire writing process from brainstorming to publication. Before taking your first writing class, get a basic knowledge of novel writing with a guidebook.
  • Writing courses on weekends: Many adult education centers offer writing courses on weekends. The courses are led by experienced authors and are dedicated to topics such as autobiographical writing or crime novels. Are you unsure whether a creative writing course will help you? Test it out by attending an appropriate offer at your local community college.
  • Writing workshops: Today there are writing workshops in many larger cities. The courses extend over a longer period of time. You will learn the craft of writing together with several participants. The workshops are run by writers with several successful publications. By writing regularly under guidance and thanks to the feedback from the other participants, you will develop as an author.
  • Online writing courses: Online courses are booming today, which is also true for creative writing. Numerous authors offer you to learn the writing trade on the Internet. The courses last several weeks or months. As a rule, you get access to learning videos, do writing exercises online and enjoy the supervision of the lecturer. Communication takes place via Skype or Zoom.
  • Distance learning: Distance universities have a long tradition and have been offering creative writing courses for decades. The certified courses extend over several years. You can complete your studies alongside your job. The workload for most courses is between 8 and 10 hours a week. After successfully completing the distance learning course, you will receive a certificate.
  • Studies in creative writing: Individual universities in Germany offer training to become a writer. These include the universities of Leipzig and Hildesheim. A postgraduate course is possible at the private Alice Salamon University in Berlin. Applicants must take an artistic aptitude test in advance. There is great interest in the courses.
Without a doubt, there is a wide range of authoring guides and writing courses to choose from. The offer can help you to develop as an author. If you really want to improve your writing style, you should write regularly and ideally every day. Practice on short stories, for example. It is not for nothing that it is said: Practice makes perfect. Use literary forums like Leselupe.de to publish your stories and get feedback.