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Play 2.3 supports Java 8 and Scala 2.11

Typesafe has released version 2.3 of its Play web framework for Java and Scala. Thanks to a few updates, the current versions 8 and 2.11 of the two programming languages ​​can now be used with the new release. For Java, the developers were also able to improve the processing speed by using the framework less maps and storing more route information temporarily and reducing the overhead of body parsing for GET requests.

Play 2.3 also uses Typesafe Activator, a command line tool that runs in the browser. Instead of playCommand comes from there activator for use, which should offer more templates and a web user interface in addition to options from the predecessor. Another innovation is sbt-web. The now integrated project brings a framework for the use of sbt plug-ins (sbt = Build Tool for Scala) so that HTML, CSS and JavaScript functions are no longer included in the Play Core must be, but can be provided separately. Among other things, support for web jars is available.

In addition, the Play Server now has a tailor-made SSL engine (SSLEngine) for HTTPS, which can be useful in cases such as client authentication, in which adjustments are necessary. More detailed information on switching to Play 2.3 can be found in the Migration Guide. An entry in the documentation also highlights major innovations in the current release in more detail. (jul)

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