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  1. With .Net 6, Microsoft finally wants to unite its development platforms as planned. Xamarin is integrated for this purpose.

  2. With the current .Net, Microsoft wants to standardize the framework for all platforms. But this is not quite finished yet.

  3. Microsoft's development framework .Net runs with the preview of version 5 on ARM64. But there is still a lot missing.

  4. Once more updates for .Net 5, then new functions for Visual Basic are over. The language is frozen in principle.

  5. The current version 7 of Microsoft's Powershell now uses .Net Core 3.1 and is therefore compatible with a large number of Windows' own APIs. The Powershell 7 is intended to reunite the supported systems.

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  1. According to the manufacturer Microsoft, the future belongs to the .Net Core framework. The company now wants to officially end the porting of old APIs of the .Net Framework to the new project. The community should step in for missing interfaces.

  2. As announced some time ago, version 3 of .Net Core supports Windows Forms and WPF. The version also brings many new features.

  3. A preview based on a preview: Microsoft publishes the first version of Powershell 7. The biggest innovation: The tool uses .Net Core 3.0 and should be compatible with some Windows APIs such as WPF and Winforms.

  4. Build 2019 Microsoft plans to introduce a new version of the .NET framework. Version 5 will enable the use of a just-in-time compiler as well as an ahead-of-time compiler in the development environment. Internet of Things devices in particular should be accelerated in this way.

  5. The number of Linux users of the free Powershell Core is growing rapidly, in contrast to Windows users. This is due to incompatibilities with the old Powershell, which Microsoft intends to overcome with the upcoming version 7.

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  1. Microsoft provides three important GUI frameworks on Github open source. Developers can see directly which changes the manufacturer is making and how GUI elements are actually structured. There will also be a new version of .Net Core.

  2. The first preview version of Visual Studio 2019 is supposed to do one thing first: to stand out visually from its predecessor. Microsoft is therefore revising the GUI and integrating a real-time search into many parts of the program. Developers can already try out the IDE.

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  3. The Microsoft employee Stephen Walli describes the change at Microsoft towards open source software and Linux as culturally driven. With a view to joining the patent pool of the Open Invention Network, however, it also becomes clear that the company still has a lot of work to do.
    A report by Sebastian Grüner

  1. Build 2018 The upcoming version of the free .Net Core will support Windows Forms, WPF and UWP - and thus desktop applications. This is implemented using extensions that are only available for Windows.

  2. The Compatibility Pack for .Net Core is intended to add important class libraries in order to be able to control components such as the Windows registry. This should make the switch easier for developers. However, the package is not platform-independent.

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  3. Opening a contaminated Word document or a spam e-mail is enough to trigger a current exploit in .Net. The vulnerability is said to have already been used to distribute finfisher state Trojans.

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  1. Microsoft has released .Net Core 2.0. The current version of the cross-platform open source project is primarily intended to facilitate porting of the old .Net framework. The improved Linux support should also help developers.

  2. Anyone who opted for the new ASP.Net Core early on could soon face very big problems. Because, quite unexpectedly, with the upcoming version 2.0 Microsoft will no longer support the .Net Framework alongside .Net Core for ASP.Net Core.

  3. The company and its customers use Microsoft's Azure Service Fabric to create microservices in the cloud. At the request of the users, a first SDK for this is now open source, further components could follow.

  1. Testing while programming, better autocompletion, better mobile app development: Visual Studio 2017 brings new functions that start with the streamlined installer.

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  2. The package for the debugging APIs of the free .Net Core may only be used with Microsoft development environments. Jetbrains has to remove the package from its Rider development environment and assumes that Microsoft accidentally released it.

  3. Instead of further developing C # and Visual Basic (VB) parallel to one another in .Net, VB will only receive selected innovations in the future in order to remain interesting for beginners. More unusual is reserved for C #.

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  1. The Windows-compatible runtime environment Wine is available in version 2.0. Users can use it to run Microsoft Office 2013 on a Linux system; Mac users have 64-bit support. The project is also changing its release and numbering scheme.

  2. In the current Insider Build 14971 of Windows 10, the command line CMD.exe is replaced by Powershell. The simple command prompt has not yet completely disappeared, but a central component of Windows will be open source in the future.

  3. At Connect, Microsoft's developer fair, it finally becomes clear that the future of the company lies in the cloud business. This can be seen in the long overdue entry into the Linux Foundation or the new SQL Server. In mobile development, Microsoft only takes care of the tools and the cloud backend.
    An analysis by Sebastian Grüner

  4. Microsoft's Visual Studio development environment is expected to appear for Apple's macOS in a few days. The program should enable an easy change between Windows and macOS for the development of mobile apps and cloud applications.

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  5. Microsoft placed its Powershell under a free license in August 2016 and ported the tool to Linux and Mac OS in the meantime. Is this just a marketing trick or a real help, possibly even a competitor to the Linux shells?
    From Martin Loschwitz

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  6. Microsoft's love for Linux continues: The most important admin tool for Windows, the Powershell, runs on the free operating system. The Powershell is also open source and will use OpenSSH for transport in the future.

  7. With the now available version 1.0 of .Net Core, a restart for the Microsoft framework begins. The technology is now largely modular, completely open source and runs not only on Windows but also on OS X and Linux.

  8. The development of the .Net Core framework is evidently changing a little too quickly for Microsoft. Therefore, command line tools and connections to Visual Studio will only appear after the stable release of the runtime environment and libraries.

  9. The main sponsor of the free .Net reimplementation Mono, Xamarin, is taken over by Microsoft. The company offers services for cross-platform app development in C # and with the .Net framework.

  10. The previous versioning of the .Net framework will not be continued with the new .Net Core. Instead, it starts again with version 1.0 to indicate the still immature status and the new development.

  11. For the benefit of developers and customers, former open source opponents such as Microsoft and Apple have relied heavily on open source code this year. On the other hand, some of the open mobile operating systems are failing and even Android manufacturers are complaining about development problems.
    From Sebastian Grüner

  12. The Windows manufacturer Microsoft and the most successful Linux distributor Red Hat have agreed on a very extensive cooperation. Enterprise Linux and Java middleware from Red Hat will run on Azure in the future. Both companies also want to work on .Net.

  13. Microsoft is starting a bug bounty program for various .Net based applications. However, if you want to look for security gaps, you should hurry - and must meet a number of other requirements from Microsoft.

  14. With Visual Studio 2015, Microsoft is placing a strong focus on supporting apps - also from and for other operating systems - as well as the open source strategy for .Net. However, some innovations will only be available after Windows 10 is released.

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  15. With the complex .Net application Worldwide Telescope, users can explore space based on telescope and satellite images. Microsoft is now disclosing the source code of the application, from which research and educational institutions in particular should benefit.

  16. The Microsoft subsidiary, which specializes in open source software, will be reintegrated into the main group, as announced by its head Jean Paoli. All employees should benefit from the open source experience and implement it as far as possible.

  17. LLILC is a new compiler for .Net based on LLVM. The project is not intended to replace current compilers for the time being. In addition, the work is only just beginning.

  18. For the upcoming version 4.0, the Mono project will incorporate Microsoft's open source code into its .Net implementation. Above all, this should correct errors and help to overcome differences in the implementations.

  19. At least there were considerations to release Windows source code. That's what Mark Russinovich, a senior developer at Microsoft, said. However, it also dampened expectations.

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  20. The runtime environment is now also available as open source for the new .Net Core. Microsoft is also actively working on Linux support and is integrating established open source software for this purpose.

  21. The compiler platform for .Net, Roslyn, is to be further developed on Github. This brings the team closer to other .Net projects and also changes the internally used version control tool.

  22. Microsoft explains in detail how and why .Net should be continued as an open source project. The relationship to the mono community is also clarified.

  23. Large parts of Microsoft's .Net are placed under the MIT license and even ported to Linux and Mac OS X. The framework is also to be further developed in two different branches.

  24. The free .Net implementation Mono is to be accelerated significantly. For this purpose, the main sponsor Xamarin is now building its own team, which should only take care of the performance of the framework.

  25. A first Community Technology Preview is available for the upcoming Visual Studio. It will support the free projects Roslyn, the new ASP.Net and Apache Cordova as well as C ++ 11/14.

  26. The free .Net implementation Mono also wants to use the Roslyn compiler published by Microsoft as open source in the future. The Mono's own compiler is retained.

  27. The collaboration between Microsoft Open Tech, Xamarin and other companies on open .NET projects is to be organized in the .Net Foundation in the future.

  28. Contrary to the announcement, Microsoft is eliminating 27 security holes in its software products. The patch for Internet Explorer alone fills nine dangerous security holes. A dangerous Windows security hole concerns RDP and there is still no patch for a security hole in Internet Explorer and Office.

  1. New action camera with evolutionary changes

    With the Hero 3+, Gopro has presented a slightly improved version of its action camera, which comes up with a better lens, changed image settings and longer battery life.
    (Gopro Hero 3 Black)

  2. Fight for love, God and fatherland

    Slaughter on behalf of the Lord: In the pious kingdom of Columbia above the clouds, the player in Bioshock Infinite is hunted as a false prophet. The fantastic game world is - alongside the successful protagonists Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth - the star of the game.
    (Bioshock Infinite Test)

  3. Bluetooth keyboard with hand sensor

    With the "Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810", Logitech has introduced a keyboard that can be connected to up to three devices. This is particularly interesting for users who also want to use mobile devices at the workplace. Hand recognition is used to save electricity.
    (Bluetooth keyboard)

  4. Polaroid Z2300 prints photos in place

    Polaroid is reflecting on old traditions and has introduced a camera that puts a photo on paper shortly after it has been taken. However, the Z2300 does not eject the photo forwards.
    (Polaroid camera)

  5. Mobile phone and data flat rate without a contract period for 25 euros

    Simyo is now offering the All Net flat rate without a contract term. This is a telephone flat rate in all German networks including a reduced data flat rate for 24.90 euros per month - from June also for existing customers.

  6. Microsoft gives a preview of its upcoming development environment Visual Studio 11, which Microsoft has fundamentally redesigned. The user interface has been simplified so that developers can concentrate more on programming.
    (Visual Studio)

  7. Streaming Linux server for music files

    Vortexbox 1.5 distributes music in the network. For this purpose, the Linux distribution uses, among other things, the Digital Audio Access Protocol (DAAP), which iTunes also understands. Fedora 11 serves as the basis for Vortexbox.
    (Music management web interface)

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