How do I develop a USSD application

Energy efficient GSM modules

Kamil's answer is quite correct that the average standby current for GSM modules is much lower than the peak current, so you should get a standby time similar to that of a phone. It depends on your application. Another trick you can use is to completely log off the network, completely shut down the module, and then activate it regularly, for example once an hour.

One technique I've used a lot for GPRS is for the remote devices to periodically wake up and send data ready to be transmitted while looking for incoming messages / commands waiting on the server. It can take a minute or two to register on the network, and the power consumption for most modules appears to be higher during this process. Therefore, it probably only makes sense to go this route if you wake up about every fifteen minutes or less. Of course, this only works if you can tolerate the latency that arises between sending and receiving data.

If you have a time reference available, I am aware of a GPS tracking system that does something similar for SMS by waking up for certain periods of time during the day. So you can set it to wake up five minutes an hour and you have the window where you can communicate with the device to change settings etc via SMS.


I only use SMS and GPRS in my application. But normal phones also have call access. That means I can use these modules longer than a phone with the same battery.