How mice and rats hang together

Mice and rat control

Everyone knows the uncomfortable feeling when you suddenly discover that there are “subtenants” like mice or rats in the house, yard or garden. In spite of this, you can achieve quick successes with a professional display of Neudorff rats and mouse baits.

When using toxins such as mouse and rat bait, there are a few things you must keep in mind to protect yourself. Always wear gloves, not only as protection against the poison, but also to prevent infectious diseases through contact with rat and mouse feces. In addition, the bait must be used in places inaccessible to children and pets. Use special, closed displays for this. Like bait boxes or tubes. Spreading under boards can also provide good protection. Also, avoid placing the bait in close proximity to food and feed. However, you will find precise instructions for use in each package insert.


Sugan rat bait



Rat control

Rats and mice never appear together. There are 2 different types of rats in Germany. The house rat and the brown rat. The black rat lives in attics and in basements this is most common. It lives in dark and wet places e.g. in cellars, stables, garbage dumps (it needs water every day). Brown rats often live near water. This makes especially damp, dark cellars very popular.

All rats are pack animals, which means that extensive control is necessary. S Should the rats have the opportunity to ingest other foods besides the bait, they will ignore the bait. Therefore, make sure that no leftover food is within the reach of the rat.

The application of the bait depends on exactly where the rats are. For example, look for piles of manure or watch the walkways. Rats use these places over and over again. The walkways are mostly on walls, as the rat is protected from one side here.

The bait blocks must also be tied, as rats will set up food stores and drag the bait into them. The company Neudorf takes advantage of the dragging of the bait with its rat baits. The small pellets can be carried away by the animals. Because the rat blocks are in small pellets, the entire venom can never be carried away by 1 rat. The rat blocks from Neudorff are particularly suitable for use in damp places.


Mouse control

Mice do not appear in packs, have no permanent positions and can do without water for several days. This makes it more difficult to take action against mice. However, mice are very curious. As a result, you should set up lots of small baits that are spread out at intervals of between 2 and 3 meters. Unlike rats, mice do not store supplies and have no fixed poop places. This should make you pay more attention to many traps with few baits. The production of the mouse bait pellets from Neudorff makes them particularly suitable for combating mice.

The mice and rats are killed when they have ingested the poison by bleeding to death. The vitamin K is dissolved by the ingredients and thus prevents blood clotting. If your pets ingest this poison, you can tell by the blue color of their mouth and tongue. The mouse and rat poison colors the mouth area blue when ingested. Go to the vet immediately and have the vitamin K1 injected.


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