Why do you want to live more



There are drugs all over the world, but most people choose to live consciously and healthily. Maybe you too are thinking about how you want to shape your life.

It's not that easy to get everything in order in everyday life. School, training, family, friends - just a lot at once. The expectations of you are high. You have to work everywhere and sometimes nobody seems to really care how you are doing. In addition, the corona pandemic has turned all of our lives upside down. Probably many things that are close to your heart are not possible for you either: meeting friends, playing sports in a club, going to the cinema and simply switching off from everyday life. Perhaps you are wondering how things should go in the future, or you are worried about your parents or other family members.

The joint as a stress killer?


Some think that after a joint a lot could be easier. They say things like:

  • I smoke pot so I don't feel so lonely. "
  • "I smoke pot so that I can better control my emotions."
  • "I smoke so that I don't notice stupid things - my parents' arguments."
  • "I smoke pot so that I can have more fun in the group and not be so shy."
  • I smoke pot so that I can live in the moment and don't have to worry anymore. "

The idea of ​​getting rid of worries with cannabis can easily backfire. If you use cannabis when you are in a bad mood, it can make your feelings worse.

In the beginning, smoking weed may just be about having fun or removing boredom. Just switch off and have a good time. But drug use is there always associated with health risks. And can lead to addiction. This applies to illegal drugs such as cannabis as well as to legal drugs such as alcohol and tobacco. Then at some point the feeling arises that it is no longer possible without it.

There are better ways


Find out what better strategies you can use when dealing with stress. You will probably use many of them automatically - without thinking too much about them. Here are a few suggestions on how to get rid of bad feelings and anger even in corona times:

  • Hobbies are a great thing. Sports especially helps to reduce stress. You can also really work off on your own! Many influencers bid on YouTube Online sports courses at. Or you go for a lap outside with your best buddy or best friend Jogging or cycling.  
  • Relaxation you can, for example, at Yoga, taking a walk or listening to music Find. There is also Techniques like autogenic training, Progressive Muscle Relaxation or meditation.
  • Also creative hobbies how Make music can help solve problems. You might even write a song or a poem about your feelings.
  • Meet friends onlineNot smoking weed is always a good idea. You can talk to good friends about your worries and problems.

This is just a short list, you can think of more. The main thing is: Be active, try something new. Find something that you enjoy - especially in times of the pandemic!Then you have something in stressful times that will help you keep a cool head.