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Made mouth dead

Post from Istanbul, March 21, 2012[…] "Meddling in history" and the "Shame Act" are angry, arguing that the Genocide Act violates freedom of expression. Rightly so, human rights groups decided how Amnesty International and Reporters Without Borders, however, calling on the Turkish government to now prove its backbone and laws like the controversial Article 301 of the Criminal Code, which is the insult […] From Constanze Letsch

Frankfurt book fair

Link of the day October 16, 2008[…] Turkish band Baba Zula, made famous by Fatih Akin's musical film "Crossing the Bridge", and other musicians in the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm. October 19, 10:00 am - Discussion at the booth from amnesty international "Human rights and freedom of expression in Turkey" are discussed: In Turkey, a power struggle is currently raging, in which the fundamental political orientation of the country is at stake […] Human rights? Ayse Gül Altınay (anthropologist, Istanbul), Sanar Yurdatapan (artist and human rights activist, Istanbul), Amke Dietert (Turkey coordination group of Amnesty International, Hamburg) and Haydar Siginak (lawyer, Istanbul) at the Forum Dialog, Hall 6.1 E913. 10:00 am - Reading Ayten Mutlu and Sebnem Isigüzel ("Am Rand") read at the Forum Turkey in the Forum […]

The dispute over DW's coverage of China

Documentation 10/16/2008[…] In 2008, shortly before the opening of the Olympic Games, Zhang took part in a discussion on Internet censorship on Deutschlandfunk. That the blocking of the BBC, Deutsche Welle and Amnesty International Zhang thought it was correct. "I just mentioned the few sites for which there really is no reason to block them. And we, Deutsche Welle, also operate them […]

Berlinale 8th day

Out of breath: The Berlinale Blog February 16, 2007[…] the throat. She could probably tell more about dismay. But Jennifer Lopez is Jennifer Lopez, and the mothers had an appearance the day before at the "Artists for." Amnesty International Awards "in the restaurant" Solar ". Jennifer Lopez got this award rightly, hopefully she won't get the Golden Bear. That is not the aim of the film at all. It worked […] By Ekkehard Knörer, Christoph Mayerl, Anja Seeliger

Berlinale 2nd day

Out of breath: The Berlinale Blog February 11, 2005[…] "Kekexili: Mountain Patrol". Director: Lu Chuan. With Duo Bujie, Zhang Lei, Qi Liang, Zhao Xueying, Ma Zhanlin and others, China / Hong Kong / China 2004, 95 minutes. (Forum) For the wrong friends of Amnesty International: Shonali Bose's film "Amu" (Forum) Kaju returns home to the country she does not know. She is out and about in New Delhi with the video camera, filming the sights and the picturesque […] Rhetoric of mediation, but also the viewer for being stupid. Cinema is political with its own means - or it is not political. "Amu" is a soap opera for the wrong friends of Amnesty International. Ekkehard Knörer "Amu". Director: Shonali Bose. With Konkona Sensharma, Brinda Karat, Ankur Khanna, Chaiti Ghosh, Aparna Roy and others, India 2004, 98 minutes. (Forum) Japanese Slacker Movie: […] By Thekla Dannenberg, Ekkehard Knörer

Leafed forward

Turned to 08/10/2004[…] slipped into my pants. Since then, he's been walking around with a face that wouldn't look bad on an aid organization's calendar. Apparently, a lawyer has since become Amnesty International fell on his case, and that doesn't happen to everyone, so he shouldn't be moaning all the time. Finally, Sierra Leone is in the latest ranking of the United Human Development Report […]