Which presidents of the United States are still alive?

United States

The United States of America: a role model for some, an enemy image for others, especially since Donald Trump was elected US President. Hardly any other nation is able to unite or divide minds so intensely. And the USA is the land of superlatives and extremes: 50 states on over nine million square kilometers, over 310 million citizens, the largest defense budget in the world, the highest CO2 emissions measured by the number of people living there, most billionaires in a global comparison with one of the highest poverty rates in the western world. The vast country between the Atlantic and the Pacific is full of contradictions. America's television series, lemonades, sports shoes and music have been transporting the "American way of life", the special American attitude towards life, into the world for decades.

In view of the global presence of the USA, the scope and scope of its foreign policy and the extensive lifestyle exports, the thought quickly arises that one knows this country. A judgment is made quickly. But the US doesn't make it that easy. America is more complex and multi-layered than the picture from the outside allows. Reason enough to take an in-depth look at the multi-faceted "land of unlimited possibilities". This opens up the possibility of better understanding the United States of America, its politics, its people with their different mentalities and their diverse cultures.

The dossier is currently being revised (2020/21).