What is effective combat range

Generally caliber 7.62mm x 51 Working principle Gas pressure charger Locking system locked turret lock, closing Cartridge feed Belt feed from the left, NATO disintegration belt M13 / DM60 Types of fire 0-D Firing sequence approx. 680/740/800 rounds / min Max. Effective range approx. 600 m (bipod)
approx. 1000 m (carriage) Visor M / O Shoulder rest K, ADimensions Length min./max. approx. 960/1202 mm width approx. 127.0 mm height approx. 241.0 mm Pipe length approx. 550 mm Sight distance approx. 359.0 mmWeight weapon approx. 11.60 kg pipe approx. 3.00 kg Bipod approx. 0.70 kgother data Bullet velocity approx. 820 m / s Tube profile | Twist 4-way pull / field, right-hand twist, approx. 12 "/ 304.8 mm