Discord costs server money

Manage and moderate Discord servers via MEE6 bot

In our tutorial on how to connect your Discord server to Twitch, we have already introduced you to some integrations. Today we introduce the MEE6 bot, which makes it easier for you to manage and moderate your server. It also brings other nice features, which of course we don't want to withhold from you.

To connect the bot to your server, visit https://mee6.xyz and press there Add to Discord. If you don't want to give the bot full permissions, be sure to choose the item Administrator from. If the bot is not supposed to manage the entire server, then create a role especially for it. We explain the rights management here. You can make settings on the bot itself via the dashboard on the MEE6 website.

Own commands, YouTube, Twitch and much more

MEE6 offers a variety of features. In addition to moderation, the integrations of Twitch and YouTube can also be used. Twitch or YouTube channels can be added via the dashboard. If one of the configured channels goes live on Twitch or uploads a video to YouTube, a message with the corresponding link is posted in the predefined channel. FYI: Twitch is sometimes a little slow!

In addition to YouTube and Twitch, we will also go into the following settings:

  • create your own commands
  • welcome new members
  • Browse Imgur, YouTube, or Twitch
  • Send delayed messages
  • Moderation of channels
  • Create radio (chargeable)
  • Record voice chat (chargeable)

In particular, your own commands and greeting new users should be emphasized. Own commands are used to cover functions that are not included by default. If someone would like to know more about you or your project, please leave the command !more. If the user enters this, he will receive a text that you have specified. Can also be used, for example, with ! website or ! homepage to post the link to the website. Twitch users should be familiar with the procedure.

This can already be implemented with regard to the greeting of users. If a user joins, MEE6 can automatically send him a prescribed message with rules, information or other private content. If desired, the whole thing can always be posted publicly.

Swear words and spam are now taboo

A Discord server with many users must of course also be moderated, otherwise there will be chaos and anarchy. MEE6 can do some work for you. A preset list of words can be used to filter and avoid unwanted content.

The following options are available for automatic moderation:

  • Swear word filter
  • duplicated texts
  • Server invitations
  • external links
  • CAPS LOCK Spam
  • excessive use of emojis
  • Zalgo (messy text)
  • massive mentions

The messages are then deleted on request and the user is warned or even kicked / banned from the server. To get a list of violations, you can create a channel in which they are listed.

MEE6 offers even more features that are also a lot of game stuff. Users can collect XP to level up. The higher the level, the more rights you have on the server. This can lead to more activity, but also more spam. For a little money, MEE6 can even be used as a music player in the Discord and, for example, play YouTube playlists.

All in all, MEE6 is an asset to any Discord server that is publicly accessible. Discord is becoming more and more attractive, especially for streamers and YouTubers, to lead their community.