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Actor Ben Tewaag breaks a woman's cheekbone - Uschi Glas's son sentenced to a fine

Ben Tewaag left the courtroom without comment: After punching a friend in the face two years ago, the 39-year-old was sentenced to a fine of 10,200 euros. A Berlin district court found the son of actress Uschi Glas guilty of attempted coercion and assault on Monday. Self-defense did not exist in the blow after initially amicable bondage, the judge justified. A 27-year-old suffered a broken cheekbone.

The public prosecutor's office had pleaded for one year in prison against Tewaag, who had several previous convictions for assault. The defendant - currently working as a director and film producer - had described the punch as a "knee-jerk liberation". The woman grabbed him painfully between the legs and injured him. The defense attorney demanded an acquittal.

Woman tied up against her will

For the judge, it was clear on the third day of the hearing that Tewaag wanted to tie the 27-year-old to the bed against her will. "However, it was a very special situation that the defendant did not provoke," said judge Barbara Odenthal. Tewaag was also painfully injured. It was a sexual event "in which not everything is so easy to see".

The injured and another woman who was present were credible. "The defendant did not have a self-defense situation." The incident occurred in June 2013 in Tewaag's apartment in the Prenzlauer Berg district. The producer was initially tied up by two women. When one of the two friends then resisted being handcuffed to the bed, Tewaag slapped her in the face and then punched her face with her fist, the indictment said.

Slammed out of pain

Tewaag had stated that he had been handcuffed without prior consultation. He made "a good face for the bad game". There were sexual acts by the women through which he "felt at least presented". When he tried to put one of the 27-year-olds' feet in a shackle, she grabbed his genitals. Out of pain and to defend himself, he struck. The judge imposed a fine of 170 daily rates of 60 euros each. It remained open at first whether Tewaag would appeal.