What is a relay connection

Access to My Cloud outside of the home network is hardly possible

Hello everybody,

I have had a 4 TB My Cloud for 4 weeks. I've had the following problem since setting it up: Access via Mac (WD App) and iPhone 6 is problem-free within my home network. I can upload data relatively quickly and also call up and open saved data quickly.

However, if I am outside of my network, e.g. mobile internet (Vodafone LTE) or external WLAN, then access to my cloud hardly works at all. With my iOS app (latest version) I first come to the top folder structure - so access is possible. But if I want to open individual subfolders or even files, then that doesn't work. As soon as I click on a folder, the cloud is displayed at the top, which rotates and symbolizes that something is being loaded. But even after 5 minutes nothing has appeared. In folders where thousands of pictures are stored, I do not even get the names of the pictures or a small file image displayed. For example, I have a small folder where only 3 PDF files are saved. In this folder, the file names are displayed to me relatively quickly. As soon as I want to open a file (2 mb) there is a small load circle in the middle - but it doesn't move. My mobile phone pictures are also only automatically uploaded to the cloud from my home network. This does not happen from another WLAN ...

A friend of mine who recommended the cloud to me doesn't have these issues. He can easily access his cloud from the mobile Internet or from my network at home. In the meantime I have also adopted his exact network settings - nevertheless everything is as before.

I have my connection with Unity Media, 50,000 line.

My network is set as follows:

DHCP -> get DNS server automatically

No active port forwarding

In the meantime I had the static network service active -> It didn't work better either

The cloud remote access is also automatic -> the manual I had previously and deactivated

Connection status is: Connected (relay connection)

I reinstalled the app at the very beginning. Didn't bring anything either.

Maybe someone of you knows the problem or has a suggested solution.

Thanks and Greetings