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Feng Shui furnishings: space for new energy

Harmonious living with Feng Shui

"It's best when you book me for the second time," says Feng Shui consultant Barbara Rüttimann. Just like the woman she was supposed to help get her business going a few years ago and who wanted a relationship so badly. "Recently I was able to advise her again because she bought an apartment with her new partner and wanted to renovate it. It was nice to see how happy they are together!" What the Feng Shui consultant does not appreciate: being placed in the Eso corner. "Feng Shui, the way I practice it, is neither esoteric nor aloof. Rather, it can be used by everyone and is very concrete."

Living with Feng Shui - a holistic concept

For example, a few months ago it was in a single-family home. The landlady wanted advice from her on what to do with the living room. She doesn't feel comfortable there. But everything was fine with the upper floor, she added. Barbara Rüttimann doesn't even have to go up there. "But that's exactly where the dog was buried," says the expert. "They wanted to keep the guest room upstairs free, for that there was too much furniture in the living room that had nowhere else to go."

You should never look for the problem in individual rooms, but always look at the entire living structure. The solution was primarily a redesign of the upper living area, behind which the resident could actually stand. It had become clear to her that guests are not looking for the perfect hotel room in which to retreat for hours. Just a place to sleep. But something was changed in the living room too: the heavy curtains were removed. "Privacy protection does not start in the living room. It is in the outside area, for example with evergreen plants," explains Barbara Rüttimann.

Harmony in premises

For twelve years, the consultant has been ensuring harmony in private and business premises and helping with new buildings and renovations. She studied business administration and industrial psychology at the University of Zurich. But at some point she came across a book about Feng Shui, and then it happened: In her own studies and with Swiss and Asian teachers, she puzzled her specialist knowledge together over the years. At first there were inquiries from friends and acquaintances, and gradually it became a job. At first, those closest to you did not react with enthusiasm. "You didn't need a degree in economics for that," some said at the time. Barbara Rüttimann sees it differently: "It is thanks to my studies that I work in a very structured manner and have no problems with PowerPoint presentations!"

Living with Feng Shui: Before the consultation comes the analysis

Housing advice is preceded by a meticulous analysis, which is created with the help of the floor plan and the house data. The consultation then takes place on site, which lasts for several hours. "My very first impression is the most important. Because it is very fresh and unbiased." The biggest challenge: to find the crux of the matter. "I walk into a living situation and notice that something is wrong. But despite good preparation, I often have no idea what exactly it is. Then I have to ask, listen, try it out. And suddenly it falls like scales from my eyes. It begins to flow, and everything is very easy. A wonderful feeling. "

Just like recently in that small apartment with the sloping walls. The starting point: a large, heavy peasant chest of drawers and a sofa. Otherwise hardly any furniture - and no money either, because the resident was recently divorced. "We pushed the two things around for two hours. I would have loved to discard the sofa, as well as the dark carpet, which I found too gloomy for the current phase of life." The turning point happened when Barbara Rüttimann broke the rule that seating should always be placed against the wall and instead placed the sofa as a centerpiece in the middle of the room. Exactly on the gloomy carpet that created the necessary connection. The chest of drawers came as a support behind the sofa: "And suddenly it looked really good!"

Often a client is at a crucial point

Often their clients are at a crucial point in their life: They have to digest a separation or feel the desire for change. A professional view from the outside helps, someone who puts his finger on the neuralgic point. Usually it only takes a little to get things flowing again. "I would never claim that my Feng Shui consultations change lives, but they are the initial spark. Afterwards, people are full of motivation. And that creates space for new things."

The Feng Shui expert has since passed on her knowledge on Homegate.ch, Wwohnraum-TV and in workshops. But she particularly likes direct contact with her customers: "If you are not a philanthropist, you cannot advise," she says. For this, love and compassion are the most important ingredients. She learned that from one of her teachers, a Tibetan lama. "You have to love the things that surround you and feel connected to them. Otherwise even the most beautiful furnishings will not make you happy!"