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The security conditions in Ecuador

The different dangers in Ecuador

Ecuador is a poor country. You should be aware that here - as in other South American countries - there are certain security problems. Excessive and useless fear is of little help, however - one should simply be aware of the real dangers. This is especially true for the big cities. In Quito, and especially Guayaquil, the risks of robbery and bodily harm are real. It is the same in the mountain regions in the north of the country. Some hiking trails are repeatedly the scene of raids. And, as is so often the case, tourists are the first destination.

The pickpockets are less dangerous, but not much more pleasant either. These are very skillful and very frequent, especially in the capital's public transport.

Another sensitive issue is drug crime. In this regard, it should be noted that foreign inmates are often incarcerated in Ecuador for illegal drug possession. And ten years behind bars in Ecuador is an unpleasant prospect.

How do you avoid problems?

As for the city, you can expect Quito's historic center to be safe during the day. After dark, however, it is best to use a taxi only to get around the entire city. But be careful: choose only official taxis!

One should be even more careful in Guayaquil. This is undoubtedly the most dangerous city in the country. Before you set out on foot, you should definitely find out some information about the parts of the city that you plan to cross. For your own safety, you should not openly display any signs of prosperity or identify yourself as a tourist. As soon as you feel like you don't know exactly where you are or you feel unsafe, you should go to a store and order a taxi there.

For excursions in the Quilotoa region, you should definitely check with your hotel about the security situation beforehand. Abuses are reported here again and again. Another danger in this region is the rapid, often unpredictable weather changes. If in doubt, it is better to have a local guide accompany you.

If you are attacked, do not resist and be sure to stay calm. Under no circumstances should you just put all your money in one pocket and make sure that you always have a certain amount on hand quickly. Sometimes drug addicts in dire need of money are satisfied with just a few dollars - usually they run away without asking for more. In general, if you follow a few basic safety rules, you can be confident that nothing will happen to you during your trip to Ecuador.

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Updated June 12, 2017