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Vaginal ring

The vaginal ring is a hormone-containing ring made of transparent, flexible plastic that - like the micropill - contains estrogen and progestin. It works in the same way as the micro pill.
The ring with an outer diameter of 56mm and a thickness of 4mm is inserted into the vagina like a tampon and placed at the top of the vagina. The ring is left in the vagina for 21 days. Every day, an even amount of hormones is released, which is absorbed directly by the vaginal mucosa. Then the ring is removed. To remove it, the woman inserts a finger, grabs the lower end of the ring and pulls it out. This is followed - as with the pill - a 7-day break. During this time, bleeding (hormone withdrawal bleeding) occurs. The ring may be taken out 3 hours per day, which is, for. B. may be necessary if it is perceived as annoying during sexual intercourse. However, this is rarely the case.

Safety of the vaginal ring

The Pearl Index is 0.4 to 0.65; the method of contraception is therefore relatively safe.

For which woman is the vaginal ring suitable?

  • for girls and women who cannot tolerate the pill
  • for women who work in shifts or who are on the road a lot and who have difficulty keeping regular intake times
  • for girls and women who do not want to think about daily intake
  • for girls and women who suffer from chronic gastrointestinal problems

Advantages of the vaginal ring

  • allows spontaneous sex
  • easy to use with high contraceptive safety - similar to the pill
  • there is no need to take pills every day. You only have to think about removing and reinserting a ring once per cycle
  • Vomiting does not affect its effectiveness
  • Weaning is possible at any time

Disadvantages of the vaginal ring

  • Vaginal ring can sometimes be felt during sex and perceived as annoying
  • the ring may not work properly in women with a changed position of the uterus
  • The ring can slip out if you notice heavy bowel movements, cough, change tampons or have sexual intercourse.
  • higher rate of vaginal problems (discharge, inflammation)
  • does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases

Possible side effects of the vaginal ring

  • a headache
  • nausea
  • Chest tension
  • Water retention
  • Mood swings
  • decreased libido
  • more frequent occurrence of vaginal infections, discharge

Cost of the vaginal ring

The preparation requires a prescription and costs between € 60 and € 90 per half year. The costs are covered by the statutory health insurance until the age of 20.