You can use SoundCloud offline

Soundcloud: Listen to your songs offline

If you have booked one of the two premium subscriptions from Soundcloud, you can also listen to music offline with the Soundcloud app. We explain how this works in this guide.

This is how it works: Open the playlist that you want to save for offline playback. Under the cover of the first track you will find an icon with an arrow pointing downwards. Tap on this and you will be able to hear the songs in the future even without a mobile data connection or WiFi. Practical: If you add new tracks to the playlist later, Soundcloud also saves them so that you can play them offline.

"Like" songs are available offline

You can also save your likes in the app: First tap on the heart symbol (Android) or the corresponding tab in the header (iOS). Now select the memory arrow on the right side of the display. This is located right next to the "Shuffle" button. The iOS app shows you how many songs you can still save offline in Soundcloud via an orange bar at the bottom of the screen. On Android you can find this information in the pull-down menu.

Automatically save Soundcloud tracks

Alternatively, you can also download your entire collection - i.e. all likes and playlists - for offline playback. To do this, go to the app settings and open the item "Offline storage settings". Activate the option "Save automatically". From then on, Soundcloud saves all marked songs and every newly created playlist so that you can play them without an internet connection. By the way, under “Offline storage settings” you can also specify how much storage the app can use.

Additional tip: If you want to use your monthly data volume sparingly, activate the "Save via WLAN only" option in the aforementioned settings mask. The Soundcloud app only backs up your songs and lists when your smartphone is connected to a WiFi network.

Save playlists and likes for offline playback

  • You can make playlists and your "like" songs available offline by tapping the save arrow.
  • You can also have the lists and tracks saved automatically: In the settings, tap on "Offline storage settings".
  • If desired, Soundcloud will only download the songs if there is an existing WiFi connection.

Being able to listen to Soundcloud offline is handy. On what occasions do you use the feature? Let us know in a comment.