How would you proceed to indict Trump?

Trump's team is rowing back on lawsuits

The US president's lawyers are reviewing their allegations in Pennsylvania. Observers consider Trump's legal plans to be mere PR.

Vienna / Washington. The lawyers of US President Donald Trump have severely curtailed their lawsuit on the outcome of the presidential election in the state of Pennsylvania. Instead of allegations that representatives from the ranks of the Republicans have been restricted in their constitutional right to observe elections, the lawsuit now states that voters in some districts were able to correct mistakes on their voting cards.

The lawsuit is now likely to affect only a few thousand votes. The election winner, Democrat Joe Biden, was able to increase his lead in Pennsylvania during the continuous counting of the postal votes; he now leads the state, which sends 20 voters to the Electoral College, with around 68,300 votes. Nationwide, Biden has 306 voters, Trump has 232. You need 270 to win the presidency.

Further lawsuits in prospect

The Pennsylvania lawsuit is one of several brought in by incumbent Trump and his campaign in various states after Election Day on November 3rd. Trump has been talking about electoral fraud for months. Neither he nor his representatives have so far been able to provide evidence of this.

Also on Monday, Trump described himself as the election winner on Twitter and called the election “the most fraudulent in history” - in sharp contrast to the US Department of the Interior, which had spoken of the “safest” last week. Observers now regard Trump's legal steps against the election result as a pure PR strategy of the incumbent and the Republican Party.

Trump and his team announced further lawsuits. The President spoke again of wanting to bring in “big cases” soon; many of the current proceedings were not even started by his campaign. Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, has been responsible for the legal steps surrounding the election since the weekend. The ex-Mayor of New York City said on Sunday that "more" of alleged illegal activity was being found regarding the postal vote count in Pennsylvania.

In the eastern state, election results will be certified on November 23rd. Legal disputes around the election can continue into December. On December 14th, the electoral assembly, the Electoral College, votes.