What are VIXX members doing now

6) Kim Wonshik / Ravi

Character description by Wonshik

Wonshik, the rapper with the deep voice from VIXX, is quite the inside in contrast to his tough exterior Softie.

Wonshik looks pretty cool and collected at first because of his physique and face, but when you look behind the scenes you can see that this isn't his only side.
Wonshik can enjoy a lot of little things, and when he laughs he does it a lot cordial and without hesitation. In addition, he is known for his huge Afraid of insects (See how he jumped up in panic because of a cicada during the music video shoot of "Fantasy"). But he can get enthusiastic about almost all other types of animals. And he owns one dog called Butt (Korean: Eongdongie), which means "butt" in German and yes ... This often leads to confusion when it is said that Wonshik likes butts.

Wonshik is also nobody who is a particularly good one, I'll call it now "Brain to Facial Expression" filter Has. Wonshik's mind wanders a lot, and you can easily see that on his face. Most of the time he looks very blank. I can imagine that if something really preoccupies him internally, his attention span can be very short and he cannot listen well to conversations. He can also handle other emotions such as astonishment or delight (especially when it comes to Ken's aegyo or sweet things in general) Not hide particularly well. I think he's just a very open hearted person. 

An update (2019): Wonshik is also going fast emotionally and is very compassionate. When 2NE1s Dara remembered the other members on a TV show and had to cry for joy and certainly also out of melancholy, Wonshik was visibly close to tears. And yes ... VIXX fans are probably familiar with some of the group's emotional moments when practically all members were crying. ~