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Arabic first names

Even in families who do not speak Arabic, children are often given Arabic first names. This is mainly due to their meanings. But where do Arabic first names actually come from and how did they spread around the world?

Arabic first names for girls

Among the Arabic girls' names with religious references are Aisha and Fatima certainly the most important. Are also very popular Aliyawhich means "high" or "sublime", Amara - meaning “eternal beauty” - or Soniawhich stands for “the wise”. Nadia is, by the way, also a girl's name from Arabic, which can be translated as “morning dew” and is now also used in numerous other languages. In Russian, however, it also exists as a short form of Nadeshda, the Russian word for “hope”, which is also a popular name for women.

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Arabic first names for boys

By far the most popular Arabic boy name is without a doubt Mohammed. In Islam as the name of the prophet of prominent importance, it is given particularly frequently by devout Muslims. It is estimated that around 150 million men named Mohammed live around the world.

Abdul or Abdullahwhich stands for “servants of God”, or Omar (“The highest or the firstborn”) are other Arabic boy names with a religious reference. If you want to give your son good wishes with the name, you can, for example Kadir (“Able”) or Djamal (“The beautiful”).

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Special features of Arabic children's names

A touch of 1,001 nights

Arabic names can now also be found in various other languages ​​and also reached Germany through these. Reasons for this were, for example Spread of Islam, but also extensive Trade relationsthat connected Arab cultures with other regions of the world. For example, Arabic first names are relative often in North African countries, but also in some African countries south of the Sahara, inMuslim Asian countries and especially in the Turkey.

A whole range of first names, which are considered typical Turkish first names in Germany, originally come from Arabic.

Besides names that an important role in the Koran or in the Islamic tradition play and are therefore popular with Muslim parents because of their religious reference, there are many Arabic names whose popularity is based on their sometimes downright poetic meaning or their pleasant linguistic sound. In the ears of German parents in particular, some Arabic names also awaken memories of the fairy tales from 1,001 Nights and for this reason are also shortlisted.

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