What do wedding colors mean

Wedding colors and their meaning

One of the nicest tasks for a bride and groom and especially the bride is the selection of colors and materials for the decoration concept. Thanks to Pinterest and other platforms, you can be wonderfully inspired. But how should you choose? In this article we explain what the choice of colors says about you and what trends we see for 2015.

White & green decoration



Symbol of purity and innocence, white is also closely associated with youth and perfection. White lovers seek excellence and enlightenment, but also simple elegance. White is a delightful color that marks a fresh start for those looking for peace and quiet.



Black & White decoration


A conservative choice, black compliments almost any color, especially lighter shades. Dignified and mysterious, black underlines sexiness and elegance with a modern touch. Black is classic, not trendy, plays around the modern bride. As an opulent choice, black is timelessly elegant.


A passionate, romantic choice, red is impulsive and sociable. Red is the symbol of love and emotions. Whether it means joy, celebration, happiness, and prosperity, red triggers a dramatic response from both sides of the emotional spectrum. Red lovers tend to be restless and optimistic and go well with people with an uncomplicated disposition. Red is certainly a fiery hostess with the flair “look at me”.

Colorful is also a color concept


Pink is the sweeter side of red, a softer, more girlish wah. As a delicate shade, pink shows understanding hearts that are full of love and care for others. The bride, surrounded by pink, has maternal grace and compassion and a desire for protection and shelter. The rosy hues also show off a strong personality, one ready to share.


Spontaneous and daring - brides who choose orange are firmly established in life and love the big show. Since orange is a happy and trendy shade, its aficionados tend to be popular and have high levels of energy. From a bright and happy pop of color to an exotic, spicy note - brides who prefer orange tend to be fearless and curious, they are full of zest for life.


As the color of a sunny day, yellow shows happiness and hope. People of this color exude warmth and liveliness, as a rule, they have a great sense of humor, cheerful mood and optimistic values. You tend towards an intellectual, creative, and idealistic future. Yellow stands for enlightenment and spirituality.

subtle green decoration


Green tones symbolize life, freshness, nature and fertility. A common choice for eco-friendly brides, green shows they value their health and the environment. A harmonized and balanced color that comes into its own in a set with warm yellow or cool blue. A calming and calm shade - brides who choose green are loving, honest, and responsible. They want stability and balance while remaining true to their principles.


Often associated with nobility and luxury, purple is a passionate color. The choice of purple symbolizes dignity, tolerance and worth. Lovers of this color tend to be unconventional, attentive and particularly multifaceted personalities. Tolerant and funny, purple followers are chosen to achieve important positions. From light lavender to accents of purple that are charming, funny and sophisticated, to full eggplant lovers who are creative and talented, purple can be provocative or sweet.

Red and white decoration


Calming, compassionate, and cool, blue is the color of calm and royalty. Blue lovers are liberated, conservative and patient, they maintain their emotional and wise side. Clear and cool shades indicate cautious partners who are loyal and who want a calm and harmonious existence. From watery aqua to a deep midnight blue, blue can be either soft & sweet or strong & bold.


As a natural and neutral color of the earth, brown stands for digestibility and reliability. As a symbol of comfort and satisfaction, it represents honesty. Just the thing for a wedding day. From rich chocolate tones to dark coffee, cream or soft beige - these earthy tones can add dramatic or modest accents.

Trends 2015

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