How did George Bush die

Death of the former US President : Bush's last words: "I love you too"

“I love you too” - according to media reports, these were the last words that former US President George H. W. Bush uttered before his death. The "New York Times" and the broadcaster CNN reported on Saturday that when Bush's passing was foreseeable, his son George W. Bush was put on the loudspeaker during a phone call. Bush junior - who became president eight years after his father's term ended - said that he was a "wonderful father" and that he loved him. "I love you too," replied Bush senior.

The New York Times quoted the friend and former Secretary of State of George H. W. Bush, James A. Baker, who was present at the death of Bush. In addition, family members and friends of Bush were present. Baker said the former president - who long suffered from some form of Parkinson's - died peacefully. "And he was ready."

The body is to be laid out in the Capitol from Monday

US President Donald Trump has the body of the late President George H. W. Bush picked up by Air Force One in Texas. Trump said on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Buenos Aires that he and his delegation would first fly back to Washington on the Boeing 747. The presidential machine would then be sent to Houston to bring Bush's body to the US capital. Trump called the gesture “a special honor that he deserves”. Trump is leaving Argentina on Saturday evening.

The body of Bush is to be laid out in the US Capitol in Washington from Monday. This was announced by the Republican majority leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, and the chairmen of the opposition Democrats in the two chambers, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. A ceremony for both chambers of the US Parliament is planned for Monday at 5 p.m. local time. After that, citizens could say goodbye to the ex-president until Wednesday.
Trump had declared next Wednesday a national day of mourning because of Bush's death. Federal agencies will remain closed that day. Trump had also ordered the flags at the White House, all public buildings in the United States and US missions and military bases abroad to be hoisted at half mast for 30 days.
White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said Saturday that Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump would attend the memorial service for Bush at the National Cathedral in Washington. A state funeral in the United States lasts for several days.

US exchanges will remain closed on Wednesday

The US stock exchanges New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq are due to remain closed on Wednesday due to the death of the former US president. Because of the memory of Bush, there is no trading on the stock markets, announced the two exchange operators on Saturday. (dpa, Reuters)

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