How to remove ads from MIUI

MIUI: How to deactivate advertising on the Xiaomi smartphone

Xiaomi has seen a rapid rise in recent years. Good smartphones at fair prices are the manufacturer's credo. But one thing is annoying, the integrated advertisements in the MIUI interface.

Xiaomi is known for the fact that advertising is often placed in its own user interface. Really annoying in Europe, but in China this is more normal for many manufacturers.

Nevertheless, there is one or, unfortunately, with MIUI several necessary ways how you can completely switch off the annoying advertising on the Xiaomi smartphone. The following instructions show you how this works under MIUI 12.

Turn off the MSA application

First you should quit the MSA (MIUI System Ads) application. With this you should have stopped a large part of the advertising in MIUI 12. You proceed as follows:

  1. Settings -> Passwords & Security
  2. Authorization & Revocation -> MSA -> Deactivate
  3. select "Revoke" after 10 seconds
  4. if it doesn't work the first time, don't panic, just keep trying until it works
  5. Restart the device

Disable personal ad recommendations

After you have successfully deactivated MSA, you are unfortunately not finished yet. Now you also have to deactivate the personal ad recommendations. You proceed as follows:

  1. Settings -> Privacy
  2. Advertising services -> personal advertising recommendations
  3. Disable personalized ad recommendations

Disable ads in security and in the web browser

You can also deactivate the advertising here, as you can see, Xiaomi has "hidden" settings for this in many places in its MIUI interface.

To switch off the ads in the web browser, proceed as follows:

  1. Open Mi Browser -> Profile (bottom right)
  2. Select settings (top right)
  3. Advanced settings -> Deactivate "Add ads"

To turn off the ads in the security you proceed as follows:

  1. Start security application -> Settings
  2. Deactivate "Receive recommendations"

Turn off ads in Music and Mi Video

Yes, there are settings there too so that you receive advertising. But you can also deactivate this here:

  1. Start Mi Music application -> Settings (top right)
  2. Deactivate "Advanced settings" -> "Receive referrals" and "Show ads"

Deactivate ads in the file manager, in folders and Mi-Downloads

And it continues with the deactivation of advertising. Anyone who thought they were through is wrong. MIUI offers a variety of settings for advertising.

  1. Settings -> System Application Settings
  2. Select “File Manager” or “Applications Folders and Downloads”
  3. Disable Recommendations (for Mi File Manager) and Recommended Content (for Mi Downloads)
  4. for individual folders you have to click on the individual folder for which you want to deactivate ads and then deactivate "personalized ads"

Disable ads in MIUI topics

Last but not least, you can also deactivate the advertising in the MIUI themes. For this you have to do the following:

  1. Open MIUI themes -> select account
  2. Select settings -> deactivate recommendations

So, and now we're really done and now you have a completely ad-free MIUi on your smartphone.


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