What is GRE exam

GRE General Test

GRE (Abbreviation for "Graduate Record Examination")

In addition to the application documents, many Master’s degree programs require a GRE General Test for students who did not complete their Bachelor’s degree in one of the EU-27 / EFTA member states.
Students in a joint / double degree program (e.g. China-Italy, China-France 2 + 2) are not exempt from the GRE certificate.
You will find the specifications under the specific requirements for the application documents for the degree program.

The structure of the GRE General Test consists of three parts:

  • Analytical Writing
  • Verbal Section (Language Skills)
  • Quantitative Section (Mathematical Skills

The GRE test results should be available by the end of the application period at the latest. In the online application, you must state the test date before the application deadline and your registration number.

Note that we will only receive your test results if you

  • have entered the test date and the registration number correctly in the online form (eApply)
  • there is no discrepancy between the test name, date of birth and the name and date registered in the eApply form
  • You have ordered the results from ETS for transmission to us. The ETH Zurich Institution Code is 3331.

A GRE General Test cannot be replaced by a GRE Subject Test or GMAT.