What is the best underwear for running?

From head to toe: the best outfit for running in the cold

Frost, snow and cold temperatures are no excuse to let your running shoes gather dust. The right running outfit will keep you warm and dry.

You probably know the feeling. The thermostat shows minus degrees, there is a cold wind outside. Actually it would be time for spring, but the thick clouds look more like snowfall. You really wanted to go running, but now the weather is so uncomfortable. Unfortunately, instead, you have to stay on the couch and watch a good movie.


As long as you are properly dressed, the freezing cold is no reason to give up running.

With these five tips we will help you find the perfect running outfit for the cold winter and spring months.


1. Pack your upper body in several layers

If you run in the cold, your clothes should be warm, comfortable, windproof and breathable. That is why it is best to dress in multiple layers.

A base layer made of wool

The bottom layer, which is worn directly on the body, should above all be able to transport sweat away from the skin. Otherwise it will get damp and you will freeze quickly - especially if you take a break and do not move for a moment. It is also a big plus if the layer is also warm and comfortable. We therefore recommend investing in a good merino t-shirt or long-sleeved shirt from our outdoor collection. The items are made from exclusive merino wool, which helps regulate body temperature and absorb moisture. In addition, the material protects against unpleasant body odor. So you can really work off without having to smell it too much afterwards. The merino wool underwear is available in different colors and models for women, men and children. You can find the entire collection here.

A warm mid-layer

If it's really cold, consider wearing a warm mid-layer. Like the base layer, it should also be able to absorb moisture and transport it away from the body - e.g. B. a merino long-sleeved shirt.

A windproof outer layer

The outermost layer should be one thing above all else: windproof. When the wind blows through your clothes, you freeze quickly. Even well-insulating layers underneath cannot prevent this. Get a thin, windproof running jacket with a breathable membrane that protects you from the wind and wicks moisture away.

2. A pair of good running pants

The same applies to running trousers as to outerwear. Running pants should be elastic and slim. They need to be able to wick away moisture and be warm. If your running shorts are also windproof - all the better. If it's really really cold, you can also wear a pair of long johns underneath. Our long johns made of merino wool are available in different colors and lengths for women and men.

3. Protect your hands, head and neck

Cold ears and fingers spoil the joy of running. Therefore, put your hands in a pair of good gloves and wear ear warmers, a headband or a hat. Often a thinner material is sufficient than you would e.g. B. would wear when going for a walk, otherwise it will quickly get too warm. The neck should also be protected from the cold. If you don't feel like a scarf blowing around, we recommend our tube scarf made of merino wool. It can also be easily pulled over the ears or worn as a hat.

4. Keep your feet warm and dry

During the cold months, we recommend that you wear warmer socks than usual. They should be breathable and absorb moisture so you don't get wet feet. Well-fitting wool socks are ideal, for example.

5. Easily visible thanks to reflectors

In the cold season it gets light late and dark early. Protect yourself by wearing reflectors so that you are easily visible to other road users. There are reflective vests or ribbons for the arms. If you run in the woods or across country, it can also be useful to wear a headlamp.