How do I rebuild a friendship

How can you revive old friendships / experience something together?

You can find best friends where you live.

What you shared with your old acquaintances is over and you can't hold onto old memories. they live briefly, then there is the present again and it takes place with you in a different environment. One of them doesn't know what the former friend is dealing with there, what his circumstances are like, and conversely, he lacks access to the friend's life now and today.

Meet up with old friends and laugh together at common past experiences and encounters. But don't expect that you can apply this one to one to your current situation. You cannot empathize with how a friend gets along today, you don't know a lot and a lot has changed since your time.

Do not mourn this. Good friends remain good acquaintances and the feeling of connectedness remains. You can pour out your heart and you will find understanding. But your problems remain on the spot and only someone who knows their way can help you.

Build new friendships, go through your day with open eyes.

Once you have made friends and had a good time with them, you can also become a reliable friend for other people.

"The only way to have a friend is to be one".