Wiccans believe that magic is indeed real

"I am more convinced than ever that the concept of the witch will survive, because it encompasses so much and because it can teach us so many dark, sparkling things. Many people are fixated on the witch's "truth", and numerous good history books attempt to approach the subject from what is known as facticity.

Did people actually believe in magic? They certainly did and still do. Were the thousands of victims killed in the witch hunts of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries actually witches? Most likely not. Are Witches Real? Yeah, sure, you're reading someone's book right now. All of these things are true. "

Pam Grossman 2019 in "Waking the Witch", her book about women, magic and power


Pam Grossman is a witch and also an analyst for large US companies. She publishes on the subject of Witches and Witchcraft and has a very successful podcast on it. Grossman is an example of how modern witches can be public, political, and quite feminist. They are well versed in the historical witch hunts, their reception stories and scientific research, and believe that there may not be clear truths and answers.

So are witches real or not? Probably both at the same time ...

Read: Pam Grossman (2019), Waking the Witch. The Power of New Femininity, Berlin, here p. 17.

Listen: https://witchwavepodcast.com/