What is the most comfortable high heels

Which 5 high heels you walk comfortably in.

17 Dec In which 5 high heels you walk comfortably.

Shoes are not always associated with aching feet. In some models you can stand comfortably and walk for a long time


If you wear high heels, you put your feet in the limelight. They give your body a seductive posture and the gait a sensual touch. Just think of the large flight of stairs that women come down from in shows wearing huge high heels. In ballerinas or sneakers you would look very different. You tend to walk around like that, especially in ballerinas.

High heels strengthen your body awareness and thus also your self-awareness. That in turn strengthens your self-confidence. The disadvantage of this feminine body feeling is the pressure of the shoes on your feet. Result: troubled toes and balls of the feet - and after a certain time even throbbing to stabbing pain. You know the saying:

"Who wants to be beautiful must suffer."

But not true! Because more and more designers are creating high heels that are really comfortable.

Important when choosing high heels:

The shoes should have good statics, i.e. they should feel comfortable. This is usually the case when the body weight is distributed between the ball and the heel.


Shoes that pinch from the start will continue to do so, so don't buy!


Sandals that are tied around the ankle give a good grip and conjure up sexy legs. This model with golden block heels looks really glamorous on the foot.


Such or similar models are available here.


Ankle boots also provide good support and stabilize the foot. It is even more pleasant to walk on ancle boots with an integrated 2cm platform, as in the following model.



You can buy these or similar models here




Classic block heels on pumps provide a secure footing and in light colors they lengthen the leg - a good purchase for spring and summer. In addition, the block heel has been experiencing a revival for a long time, what luck!


You can buy these or similar models here.





Wedges are perfect entry-level models because they give the foot a lot of support and their plateau compensates for the heel height. In addition, straps give hold and support the foot.




Platform sandals made of wood are stable and comfortable. The rounded sole makes it easier to unroll and the small rubber sole lets the modern style of the clog be quiet.




And then: practice practice practice!

Turn your legs slightly outwards, place your feet in front of each other as if you were walking in a line.

Tends to walk over the heel, putting the foot on the back first like a flat shoe.

Because whoever walks in high-heeled shoes feels sexy, seductive and incredibly attractive.


My personal tip:

In summer, the question of the right COMFORTABLE shoes arises even more - I have a solution: Flat, high, higher: The ingenious idea of ​​the shoe designer Mimemoi, who offers interchangeable heels on his sandals. Finally, a shoe designer shows respect for the challenges women face in everyday life. Each model is available with 3 different heels that can be swapped depending on the altitude. So you can switch from the morning run to the bus in comfortable flats to evening high heels for an invitation to dinner.

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