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Guillemin coupling, nozzle 65 (2-1 / 2 ") mm, stainless steel, with locking

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With the symmetrical Guillemin couplings, the connection is made by the interlocking of 4 upright claws. On mobile systems, a coupling is usually used that is equipped with an adjustable clamping ring (locking) that locks the claws by twisting them. In order for the connection to be established, at least one of the coupling halves must be equipped with a lock. Only the coupling with locking is equipped with a soft seal.

Tank trucks, silos, industry and agriculture (mostly in France and BeNeLux)

Seal: NBR, if necessary chain: stainless steel (type aluminum: galvanized steel)

Temperature range:
-10 ° C to + 80 ° C

Operating pressure:
16 bar

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material stainless steel
execution with lock
Size 2-1 / 2 "(sealing surface 83 mm)
Hose Ø inside [mm] 65 (2-1/2")

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