What is spiritual direction

Spirituality and Christianity
Meditation, yoga, mysticism, esotericism - when it comes to spirituality, many terms are mixed up. What actually is spirituality? And how does it fit in with the Christian religion? An overview.

“Spirituality, or traditionally 'piety', is a basic human attitude that can support the whole of life,” says the old abbot Odilo Lechner from Munich. “The spiritual person lives from within. Spirituality means that my life has a direction that comes from my heart, from my soul. "According to Lechner, spirituality is an immediate personal experience in which the heart is addressed, in which" something happens ".

Christianity, too, is thoroughly spiritual when faith, piety and lifestyle come together. Under the term "mysticism" there have always been movements in Christianity for whom it was important to feel God and to feel his love directly, explains Bernardin Schellenberger, who lived for many years as a Trappist monk in a contemplative order.

In our dossier »Spirituality« you will find articles about the Christian practice of piety. This includes pilgrimages and meditation, spiritual impulses and new forms of encountering God. You can find the entire dossier here.

"I don't know anyone who is not spiritual"

Traugott Roser, former professor for "Spiritual Care"

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