Is fruit a food

Fruit and fruit products

Features: fruits and fruit products

The collective term fruit means the fruits of plants from cultivated or wildly grown seeds, as well as fruits that are eaten raw and processed and have a pleasant, often sweet, sometimes sour taste.

The seeds such fruits are usually very nutritious because of their calorie content. In most cases, however, they cannot be consumed, although they usually have pulp with a high water content. Thus, although they only have a lower nutritional value, they often offer a high content of vitamins and minerals.
Typical types of fruit are pome fruit, stone fruit, soft fruit, nuts, tropical fruits and other exotic fruits. Fruit products are offered in all forms and can usually be purchased anywhere.

Origin: fruit and fruit products

You can find fruit all over the world. Domestic fruits are apples, pears, plums, cherries, mirabelle plums, etc.As tropical fruits and exotic species need a suitable climate in order to grow, they have to be imported.

Use: fruits and fruit products

Fruit can usually be eaten fresh. The selection of fruit products is amazingly large. There is compote, jam, puree and cake toppings made from fruit. It refines dairy products, desserts, sauces and meat dishes (cranberries for game).
It can be boiled, dried, canned and pureed. There are fruit brandies, liqueurs, schnapps and the like.

Another possibility to drink fruit is alcoholic beverages. Fruit aromas or whole pieces of fruit are buried here. For the most part, wines are made directly from the fruit. Another fruit product is yogurt. It can be made from a mixture of fruit and dairy products, or it can be almost pure fruit.

Fruit in the form of juices in different qualities and different flavors are also widespread, e.g. nectar, juice or not-from-concentrate juice. The highest quality drink form is the smoothie. Here the fruit product is completely processed into a drink that becomes very creamy. However, you should use high-quality slow juicers for this. These are essential for gentle juice production.

Various southern fruits in trend

In the Asian cuisine ripe yuzu fruits are popular for the preparation of hearty and fruity Salads, but also as an ingredient in aromatic dressings used. It also serves as a Topping for numerous Japanese pastry specialties. In addition to salt and pepper, that applies Yuzu fruit in Japan but also as Condimentsto make food more sour or bitter.
More and more often you can find kiwani, pitaya or dragon fruit, acerola and similar exotic fruits on supermarket shelves.


Season of fruit and fruit products:

Fruit in various forms is available all year round, if not regionally, then at least as an imported product.


The healthy variety of fruit products

Starting with the fresh fruit itself, whole or already cut into pieces, dried fruit products pure or which are then coated in sugar, chocolate or other luxury foods. There is canned fruit, mostly sugared and diced, sometimes cut in half or slices. Fruit products in the glass are similar, but can also be found there as puree or puree. Fruit compote, but also ready-made fruit salads in a glass are possible. Frozen fruit in bags or cardboard boxes are available in various sizes, can be easily portioned and can be frozen again after opening.

Aromatic fruit juices

Fruit in the form of juices in different qualities and different flavors are also widespread. Nectar, juice (e.g. pineapple juice) or not-from-concentrate juice, all contain fruit to drink, but the highest quality drink form is the smoothie. Here, the fruit product is completely processed as a drink, except for the skin and the kernels, in order to produce an enormous creaminess. The juices become particularly aromatic with so-called high-quality slow juicers. These are essential for gentle juice production.

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