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Recommended books: The best books of all time

An important criterion for our book tips are the opinions of renowned literary critics. Most of them have a literary or other humanities studies behind them, as "book eater" they know innumerable works of the most different epochs and genres, whereby they cultivate high demands, and deal full-time with the reading and evaluation of literature. They write reviews in the features section, participate as experts in TV programs about new publications, write novels or literary stories themselves, and sometimes also publish their personal canon lists of great literature.

The expertise of these literary experts is therefore a not insignificant criterion for us to include a book in a list of the best if there are a striking number of recommendations from these circles. For this purpose we follow book reviews by writers and literary critics such as Denis Scheck, Thea Dorn, Elke Heidenreich, Felicitas von Lovenberg, Ijoma Mangold, Iris Radisch, Insa Wilke, Volker Weidermann, Maxim Biller, Nicola Steiner etc. in TV programs like Das Literary Quartet, Worth Reading Quartet, Literature Club, etc., as well as in the corresponding feature sections and other publications on recommended books.

What well-known literary critics are in the field of fiction, are experts in the respective subject area in the field of non-fiction. Here we only include books that are recommended by well-known specialists and readers with expert knowledge. In individual cases, this is much more important than with novels, because incorrect information in non-fiction books and guides could of course have direct negative consequences for your life.

Among many book descriptions, we add ratings and opinions of the relevant experts in the form of direct or indirect quotations.