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White, pastel, XXL - 9 blazer trends for spring

From STYLEBOOK | May 18, 2020, 12:38 p.m.

2020 is a new blazer year and especially in summer we are looking forward to the stylish over-jacket that immediately enhances every outfit. We now wear the elegant tops in all variations and colors and combine them with just about anything. What does that look like? STYLEBOOK knows the top trends.

Long blazer or blazer coat

Blazers can now be a bit longer, the nice side effect: The long blazer visually stretches and conceals potential problem areas at the same time. This year the long blazers are even a size longer than usual, only end at the knee and thus get a coat touch.

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Cropped blazer

Cropped blazers with their short fit are the exact opposite of long blazers - but still very trendy! The mini blazers score with their boxy fit, end at waist height and make the middle of the body look particularly narrow. And: They conjure up endlessly long legs with their shortened upper body!

Leather blazer

The leather trend remains and is now also gaining ground in blazers. This gives the elegant jacket a rocky touch, the business dress can be made a little more casual with the trend parts in no time at all.

Blazer with shoulder pads

In the course of the backward trends, these are of course also back: shoulder pads. What already conjured up mum's broad shoulders is now firmly anchored in blazer heaven. The XXL shoulders are combined with XXL fits - it already looks as if a woman has used her grandfather's wardrobe.

Blazer in pastel colors

Blazers in pastel colors are particularly feminine. The soft blue, pink, vanilla and lilac tones and their pastel companions can be mixed together perfectly or combined with bright colors and simple basics.

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Blazer in beige

Beige is dull and boring? Blazers in beige prove the opposite, especially when combined with white or strong colors. And even tone-on-tone is doing pretty well right now ...

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Blazer in white

Not only are white trousers still extremely popular, we are now also using white for blazers. A white jacket looks particularly good in oversize versions and with contrasting shirts or blouses.

Blazer without lapels

Blazers without a lapel collar are probably the most feminine version of the elegant business jacket. You put the focus on the middle of the body, waisted cuts support the effect. Perfect for everyone for whom the XXL shoulder pad look is too androgynous!

Check blazer

Checks are an ongoing trend that has long since shed its winter image. How? Checked blazers are no longer just available in muted colors, colorful stripes are allowed to break up the gray mouse style and make the look even more suitable for spring.

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