What advantages does CrossFit have over powerlifting?

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CrossFit is really EVERYWHERE these days. Articles are published in magazines, you see it on TV and Crossfit has grown over the past few years a huge community all over the world built up.
If you have coworkers or friends who work out regularly, chances are they've already told you about the new Crossfit box that recently opened in your town.
But again from the beginning: What is CrossFit, what are the advantages and disadvantages, is it healthy, how often should you work out per week and should you join the new CrossFit box in your city?

CrossFit DefinitionWhat is Crossfit?

The CrossFit training philosophy combines powerlifting, intensive strength training and gymnastics. These movements and exercises are combined in a high-intensity interval circuit training called the Workout of the Day (“WOD”).
These WODs are usually short but very exhausting. If you are not completely exhausted and exhausted after such a workout, then you have not adhered to CrossFit standards. This is probably where the motto comes from: Forging Elite Fitness!

What requirements do you need?

A CrossFit workout is structured like a small competition and it is usually intense and demands a lot from your body. You fight against the clock and you try to do your daily WOD as fast as you can in order to set a new record.
The faster you are, the fitter you are.
However, if you're new to fitness and haven't had a few years in a gym, you should think twice about starting CrossFit. Because it will demand everything from you and bring your body to its limits.

This is how CrossFit works on your body

CrossFit primarily improves your anaerobic performance as well as your white muscle fibers and thereby your speed strength. The reason CrossFitters are extremely exhausted after their workouts is because they push their anaerobic system to the limit.
The better you get, the higher amounts of lactate and lactic acid your body can withstand and, in turn, you are able to cope with one even higher intensity to train.

The workout of the day (WOD)

Each CrossFit box has its own workout of the day (WOD) that changes daily. Most of the exercises in this workout require precision, a basic level of strength, and technical skills. Among other things, kettlebells, battle ropes, dumbbells and weights are used.
A WOD is the main part of an entire CrossFit workout. However, this does not include warming up, mobility exercises or hard work before or after the WOD.
It makes sense, Do three to four WODs per week and on the other days to do active regeneration or to concentrate on mobility exercises

Is Crossfit actually healthy now?

Whether or not CrossFit is for you depends on a number of factors. First of all, play your current training status a major role. For example, if you've never seen the inside of a gym before, start with basic exercises and techniques.
I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to train the basic movement sequences and movement sequences of the CrossFit exercises (squats, deadlifts, snatches) and to optimize your explanations in cooperation with a trainer.
However, if you have a basic level of fitness and you are ready to go on to push your physical and mental limits, then things will look different! Nevertheless, CrossFit has some advantages and disadvantages even for well-trained athletes, which we will discuss in more detail in this article.

The CrossFit advantages


Advantage # 1: Motivating atmosphere

CrossFit is known for pushing each other to the limit during training.
Your training colleagues will cheer you on when you are exhausted and motivate you when you have the feeling that you cannot manage a single repetition. For some it is exactly the extra portion of motivation that they urgently need.
As soon as you step into a CrossFit box you will hear loud and fast music and people cheering each other on during the WOD. The mood is both vibrant and contagious. That's why CrossFit is so popular. It pulls you under its spell and won't let you go again.

Advantage # 2: The competition

When the right amount of competition between the training partners comes into play, it can a small competition can be incredibly motivating. He will motivate you to give everything and push you to your limits.
Since the WODs measure the time of every athlete, you always have your personal best or the time of one of your colleagues in mind while you try to do your best.
These perfect mix of personal goals and competition among individual athletes has contributed to CrossFit's popularity and ultimately led to such a large community building around this fitness trend.

Advantage # 3: A strong community

I'm not a real CrossFitter myself, but I'm always dated The team spirit and spirit of my friends are inspiringwho train CrossFit together several times a week.
It is incredibly exciting to see the close friendships that arise when people go through extreme situations together motivate each other and push to the next level.
The CrossFit Community has done a very good job of getting people on board and helping them overcome their weaker self!

The CrossFit Cons


Disadvantage # 1: Lack of personalization

I very much respect the way CrossFit inspires and motivates athletes around the world. However, in my opinion it is still missing from this training concept personalization and customization.
A good training plan is characterized by the fact that the exercises, the intensity and the execution of the exercises are precisely adapted to the needs and goals of the athlete. However, this is often not the case with CrossFit and the WOD concept.
Yes, I know that there are different workouts and exercises with different intensities, but even within a group of similarly well trained athletes there can be enormous differences in terms of intensity Strength, agility and technical skills give.

Disadvantage # 2: Heavy dosage of intensity

The fact that you are pushed to your limit by your training partners can have some advantages but also serious disadvantages. Through peer pressure athletes tend to overload themselves and they endanger their health.
Since CrossFit exercises sometimes contain complex sequences of movements with high weight and these exercises are carried out until you are completely exhausted, injuries or symptoms of overload can quickly occur.
The athletes find it difficult to know their limit and to assess it realistically in the course of a workout, whether there is still enough energy in their musclesin order to perform the exercises with the necessary minimum of technique.

Disadvantage # 3: High entry barrier

Due to the complexity and intensity of the exercises and workouts, CrossFit demands from the athletes a certain basic level of athleticismto be able to start at all. This is not the case with other sports or in the classic gym.
In addition, CrossFit studios are usually significantly more expensive than comparable fitness studios. I'm not saying they're not worth the higher price. The only fact is that, for example, a normal student has membership in the box near him can't always afford.
If you want to start with Crossfit, but you have the feeling that you are not yet optimally prepared for a WOD, you can make yourself extremely fit in a short time with a well thought-out battle rope training and exercises for beginners.

Summary CrossFit: A brief summary

My aim with this article is not to push anyone one way or the other. All advantages and disadvantages have been confirmed again and again in discussions with fitness trainers and CrossFit coaches and are therefore not just made out of thin air.
The biggest challenge that CrossFit coaches should tackle is the lack of personalization of the individual workouts. This problem should not be underestimated, especially in view of the high risk of injury and the intensity of the workouts.
In conclusion, it can be said that athletes who have a certain basic level of athleticism will certainly enjoy training and benefit from the methods and approaches of the CrossFit philosophy. If you have your Want to improve strength, flexibility and your speed, CrossFit is just right for you!

Hi, my name is Lukas and I am part of the Riseon writing team. For more than 5 years I have made it my mission to learn as much as possible about our body and mind in order to be able to support people to develop their full potential.