Did Snoop Dogg kill a man?

Accident or murder? These stars have human lives on their conscience!

Stars are our idols. They seem absolutely perfect. The clean man image is proudly carried out and with their friendly, engaging manner they inspire the masses. But as is well known, not all that glitters is gold! Because even celebrities are not infallible. Some stars made serious mistakes and sometimes have a very dark past. Even the worst imaginable thing these big stars did: They killed someone.

These include a former US First Lady, an actor from Forrest Gump, a famous transgender model and a professional tennis player. But we're going to reveal one star to you: Snoop Dogg. The iconic rapper was charged with murder early in his career in 1993. His bodyguard shot a rival gang member out of the car. Snoop Dog was in the passenger seat during the crime. Years later he was acquitted as it was self-defense
With some stars it was tragic accidents, while others murdered out of bad faith. In the video you can find out which other familiar faces have a life on their conscience.

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