What is a Frotel

Hotel or motel - do you know the difference?

Motels are mostly known from American road movies. In the USA they are actually very popular and were established there in 1925, at the beginning of general motorization. But there are also classic motels in Europe - in Germany the first of its kind opened in 1953 in Tübingen.

The name motel is made up of a hotel and a motor, so it already refers to its very own purpose: to offer overnight accommodation for (trans) travelers - similar to a truck stop. In contrast to the classic hotel, motels are therefore specially tailored to the needs of motorists: The individual rooms can be reached directly from the street, which also makes loading and unloading easier; You are often looking for your own gastronomy in vain.

In a motel there is usually no vacation, but really only overnight. That explains why the rooms are very simple and functional, but mostly reasonably priced. Often there is not even a reception: you can then enter your booked room using a code. They are quite popular among truck drivers.
But also for French travelers who know this type of accommodation well from home. In contrast, motels in Latin America and East Asia are used exclusively as hour hotels.

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by Solveig Michelsen