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Sexy Emojis: What Eggplant and Co. mean on Tinder

Quite often, sexuality in the 21st century is digital. And so that you are up to date when it comes to sexting - hehe, pun - here are a few sexy emojis and the corresponding explanations! A contribution from our monthly focus #sexuality.

You happily play around with potential candidates. You know that. And suddenly an emoji appears in the chat, the meaning of which you understand rather less. So that nothing stands in the way of a successful match, we have collected the most important, let's call them sexy, emojis and their meanings. Because - attention, phrase pig approaching - a picture is worth a thousand words.

πŸ† The eggplant

Let's start with the basics: the eggplant. In the case of sexting, doesn't stand for those bland vegetables that make those weird squeaky noises when you eat them. No, it is the phallic form, which is why the purple vegetable is used as a penis substitute. Incidentally, the same also applies to 🌽. So, remember: It's not about ratatouille when someone sends you this emoji.

πŸ‘ The peach

From vegetables we come to fruit. The peach stands for the rump, the similarity is also really clear. And if you combine the πŸ† with the πŸ‘, the chat partner wants to allude to anal sex.

😏 Smiling face

A quick, unrepresentative survey in the Futter editorial team showed that the "smiling face" is our favorite emoji. β€œIt's the ultimate, dirty smiley, the 'you know what I mean' smiley,” argues an employee who should not be named here. And how right she is, the β€œsmirking face” also runs under β€œsexual face” on emojipedia.org.

πŸ’¦ raindrops

In the dictionary of sexting, raindrops mean liquid, but not one that usually falls from the sky. The three drops stand for orgasm, or particularly sweaty lovemaking.

πŸ‘… The tongue

Yes, you can use the tongue as a cheeky, cheeky emoji for what it is meant to be. But that's not all, the tongue naturally also stands for oral sex.

✊ The fist

When it comes to demos, the raised fist is of course a symbol of resistance. But this is another story. Today we are talking about sexting and in this context the fist stands for good, old handicraft. Together with the πŸ†, the ✊ stands for β€œhand job”.

🍯 The honey pot

The honey pot stands for vagina - learned something again. Incidentally, the same applies to the ✌️ symbol.

The most beautiful combinations

πŸ‘‰πŸ‘Œ This combination means pretty unmistakably: just sex!

πŸ‘πŸ“ž A booty call: a call, an initiation that has only one purpose: see above!

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