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How do you organize a wedding? - Wedding planning in 12 months

Congratulations! You got engaged and decided to marry your significant other. So that you know how your Organize your dream wedding, we have listed you as you in the next 12 months proceed and plan the individual elements of your wedding properly. So you are guaranteed to celebrate a unique and very personal party.

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You have the this year's trends studied and are now ready to explore the countdown to wedding planning? Then you are right here:

12 months before the big day

Discuss what your wedding should look like

Wedding celebrations are just as individual as the newlyweds themselves. There are endlessmany design options. You should definitely do your wedding planning before you begin decide on a style. How do you imagine your wedding, what do you want and what do you absolutely want to avoid? A wedding is a very personal celebration and should represent the bride and groom. If you haven't already, discuss with your partner whether you can civil or ecclesiastical want to get married. Have you also ever thought about a free wedding? Would you like a motto,how many guests should be invited, how do you imagine theLocation and decoration before, etc.

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Opt for one religious wedding, then you should be using the Pastor, priest, imam, rabbi or the right person in charge get in contact and set the date. It will only be one civil wedding discuss your celebration with a registrar and the responsible authorities.

Have you done that Date and time usually solid. Remember, you won't be the only ones trying to get married. If you want a lot of commitments, you should send a save-the-date card. Or how about if you have one Engagement card with a nice photo of yourself to friends and relatives and on this one Note the date for your wedding.

Now you decide how (in-) formal your wedding should be. Make a guest list.

We know from wedding planner Nicole Froelich from Nicole Please Weddings that “It can be planned in much more detail with a number of guests, for example a first rough estimate of the costs of the entire wedding can be made”.

The personal details

A wedding celebration is most authentic when it is reflected in the bride and groom. In the City, in the country, in the garden or by the sea, where should your wedding take place? In which Decoration style do you find yourself again? Vintage, romantic, minimalist, sustainable or something completely different? No problem! Simply select the right service provider according to your ideas and your taste.

Make a budget plan

Nobody likes to talk about money. But so that your wedding really becomes the most beautiful day of your life and you don't sink into a mountain of debt afterwards, you should As a couple, discuss your wedding budget and create a budget plan. Calculate how much you will pay for that Location, the dress, the catering, etc. and plan one additional sum for surprises and emergencies a.

This is how you can check your costs: Leave a column blank for the actual expenditure so that you can write it down later and compare it with the planned expenditure.

Reserve the location

The theme and size of your wedding have been determined, the budget has been set up. You are ready for that Search for the location Your wedding ceremony. Reserve your desired date and inquire about suitable locations for your banquet, if it takes place at a different location.

Wedding planner Sandra Ebner knows that “When choosing the location, it is important to pay attention to the price-performance ratio. What are the opening times? How many guests can there be? Be sure to read the fine print. "

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Photo: Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois

When choosing a location, you probably have to decide whether you and your guestsDine á la carte or at a (standing) buffet, Bar or a food truck. Make sure that the locations match your chosen topic and that they can be easily reconciled with your ideas and ideas regarding the decoration, etc. It is recommended to visit the location before booking.

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Design your wedding table

Whether classic by hand or modernly on the Internet, it's your time Wedding table to create. You can easily do this online with us. This will save you time and money and have one clear list about your wishes and gifts. Create a fully personalized website and allow your friends and relatives to access that anytime, anywhere Information about your wedding to access your To confirm presence and Specify accompanying persons. You yourself have an all-round perfect overview of everything and can edit all possible details at any time. With us you canCombine the wedding list and wedding table perfectly. As soon as they are accepted, your guests can assess your wishes and choose the perfect gift for you or transfer money directly to the account you have chosen or donate to the selected organization. Wedding planning can be so easy!

9 months in advance

Decoration and flowers

Almost the entire look of your wedding is decided by the decoration. So don't underestimate them. The the atmosphere the location can change drastically as a result. Take care of all of the decorationharmonizes and your style comes into its own even in the smallest details. The following must be decorated:

  • The location of the ceremony
  • The location of the banquet
  • A photocall
  • The table

Put great emphasis on one good lighting!

The Flowers are almost as important on the wedding day as the bride and groom themselves. They should be fresh and last the entire day. Find out from an expert or on the Internet which flowers are hot and available in the season.

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Photo: style and stems floristry

When you get to this point, you will find that planning a wedding is not without its own. Tasks like that Selection of decorative elements appear as a simple order at the beginning of planning. But especially with the seemingly easy matters Bridal couples often lose their nerve. No fear: this is completely normal! Sit down with your partner and think about it together and, above all, in peace which items you like and which ones you exclude, you will surely approach a concept. If the tasks get to your head, you still have the Option a professional wedding planner to bring on board. He will advise you in every area and you again and again calm down if necessary.

Wedding planner Sandra Ebner explains that "It is always worth hiring a wedding planner, because only then can the couple really enjoy the preparation time and even save money in the end, because wedding planners know many service providers and know where savings can be made."

Photographer and videographer

Wedding photographer Gianni Groppello explains: “If the photographer can do that different moods and theunique emotions at a wedding celebration in his pictures, and he does not disturb the wedding party in the way he moves and does his work, then the chance is great that the wedding photos reflect the beautiful celebration in a worthy form. "

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The photographer and videographer are incredibly important. These service providers transform the memories of your big day into Files to look at. Take a look at different portfolio and you will notice that each one Photo and videographer has its own styleFind out beforehand and decide which photographer style suits you and which you like best.

Wedding planner Sandra Ebner says that "The price should definitely be of secondary importance to a photographer and videographer, since the photos are the only thing that stays with you for a lifetime."

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Photo: Teodora Simon Wedding Photographer

The music

The music is crucial to that Mood of your wedding celebration. Choose these according to your taste. But you should also after Taste of your guests be. Remember that music should not be missing at the following moments of your wedding:

6 months before

Take care of the necessary papers

To be legally valid, a marriage must always be registered in the registry office. Did you choose one Civil wedding you have probably already decided all necessary papers organized or at least know which documents you need. If you have not yet communicated with the registry office, you should definitely do so, because Authorities always need a little time to organize such matters. Pay attention to any policies and conditions.

Also at religious weddings you need different documents. Find out more about this from the responsible parish, because the implementation also depends on the pastor.

Buy a wedding dress and suit

A dream comes true: The Choice of wedding dress is imminent. Our tips for buying the wedding dress:

  • Look at trends
  • Decide with your heart
  • Be yourself
  • Take only a few accompanying persons with you
  • The cut and color should match your type
  • Keep your nerve!
  • Comfort and quality should come first
  • Consider mass production
  • Try on, move around and sit
  • Enjoy it!

Incidentally, the same rules apply to him.


Look for the wedding dress with or shortly after purchasing it matching shoes. These must be broken in and are necessary for changes to the dress.

Plan the honeymoon

Where are you going in the honeymoon? Discuss as a couple whether you want to go on a city break, a beach vacation, a safari tour or a completely different vacation. Talk about concrete goals and weigh them up. Please note the following when booking:

  • Is it wedding season right now?
  • What is your own travel experience like?
  • Personal preferences
  • Your travel budget
  • The time you will be on your honeymoon
  • Tolerance to weather conditions, eating habits, and insects and other animals
  • Tips from friends, relatives and professionals

Our experts at Travel Zankyou will be happy to advise you and always have cheap and above all special offers ready.

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At least now you leave great invitation cards to press. After all, these should be delivered on time. The invitations are sent to the guests about 3 months before the wedding.This information should be given to the guests with the card:

  • The couple's first and last name
  • Date, place and time of the ceremony
  • If applicable, the location of the banquet
  • your contact details
  • Confirmation request
  • The theme of the wedding with the request to adapt to it
  • Gift wishes

It is now advisable to order more stationery. To Wedding stationery include place cards, menu cards, the guest book, thank you cards and the wedding program.

At Paperstudio you can use the Save-the-date cards, invitation cards, menu cards, name cards and guest books All your stationery in one style to print.

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5-4 months in advance

Organize the means of transport

How do you get to your wedding? Separately or together, you should organize beforehand like them get from place to place and the corresponding Mode of Transport to plan. Think in terms of your guests, too, and consider how best to get them to the various locations. For example, offer car pooling.

 3-2 months in advance

Planning the bachelorette party

Some brides look forward to an exciting night of partying, others to a relaxing day in the spa. For your friends and relatives it is now time to organize your bachelorette party. Casually remind your loved one by making various suggestions that they would like. Look forward to a last day as a single with your closest friends and family members.

Buying the wedding rings

The choice of Wedding rings means compromising. At least if you both want to wear the same ring. The jewelry seals your marriage. With the ring on your finger, symbolically, you always have your partner with you. When choosing wedding rings there is no rulesas this is a very personal decision. However, you should pay attention to the following aspects when choosing a wedding ring:

  • Your financial situation
  • The material and gems
  • The color of the rings and the stones chosen
  • Alloy formula
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Choose the flowers for the bridal bouquet

The bride's accessory that is indispensable: The bridal bouquet - Whoever catches it celebrates the next wedding, that's the tradition. The possibilities of this special accessory to design are endless. The flowers should reflect them and match the wedding dress. harmony is the appropriate keyword here. Note that florists have different styles and assortments.

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Makeup and hair

Hair & make-up artist Isabelle recommends “That the brides shouldn't just have their hair and make-up done from a Pinterest picture, but definitely one intensive advice of hair structure, amount of hair, head shape, dress, accessory and location. So that there is a harmonious styling with a red thread. In addition, the styling should not be a “focus” but rather fit, harmonious, calm, this is how the bride feels comfortable. "

Test before the wedding different variations and let them work on you. When it comes to styling, you should Take your time and only then give the GO when you have to 100% satisfied because the most important thing is that you are on your wedding day feel good all around.

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2-1 weeks before the wedding

Beauty treatments

Brides are always the most beautiful woman at their wedding reception. That already guarantee thatsmile and the joy they exude on your big day. Still, now is the perfect time to recover from the stress of the wedding and get together with a pampering massage, soothing facial, body treatments or everything relaxing in a spa and to become even more beautiful.

Rehearse the ceremony

About 10 days before the actual wedding, you should have the Rehearse the wedding ceremony at the same venue. How do you enter and leave the location, where do you sit and stand, how does the ceremony go, etc. A rehearsal helps keep your nerves and avoid mistakes.

3-1 days before the celebration

Take care of the final details

So that nothing goes wrong on your big day, you should already do the following to prepare:

  • The suitcase for the honeymoon. Many newlyweds go on their honeymoon immediately after the wedding celebration, which is why packing before the wedding makes sense, because after the event you just want to have some peace and quiet.
  • Lay down your Wedding dress and suit with the appropriate accessories so that you don't have to search for anything at the last second. Also think of underwear and socks.
  • Go to Manicure and pedicure and let yourself be pampered (together) again.

Your wedding day

The day has come

The most important: Keep Calm! Have breakfast and take a run in the fresh air. Strengthen yourself for the day. Enjoy every single moment: Getting ready, congratulations from your friends and relatives, the wedding ceremony, the celebration, everything! Smell your bridal bouquet and forget about small mishaps and mistakes and take them with humor. No wedding goes perfectly all round.