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Make foam soap yourself - it's that easy

For some time now there have been foam soap dispensers in drugstores that ensure that the hand washing soap comes out of the dispenser as foam. Children especially like this and have more fun washing hands. Unfortunately, the dispensers empty quickly and are quite expensive compared to normal liquid soap. If you have an empty foam soap dispenser at home, it's easy to refill it if you know how to do it. Now read how to Make foam soap yourself.

You need that for the foam soap

You will need the following things to make the foam soap yourself:

  • an empty foam soap dispenser (which can be screwed on),
  • liquid hand soap,
  • Water.

And that's how it works

  1. Open the empty foam soap dispenser.
  2. Fill up about a third of the dispenser with the soap.
  3. Then pour in about two thirds of the water.
  4. Be careful not to overfill the dispenser so that it can still be closed without overflowing.
  5. Close the soap dispenser again.
  6. Shake the mixture well so that the soap and water combine.
  7. The foam soap is ready: If you press the pump button now, the soap comes out as foam.

Environmentally friendly: By refilling the soap, you not only protect your wallet, but also the environment. Because instead of buying a new soap dispenser every time, you can reduce your plastic waste by buying refill bags.

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