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Comparison of Free Small Business Accounting Software

As a managing director of a small business, freelance or self-employed person, you face many challenges. An important question is which software systems should be implemented, accounting software in particular raises many questions: What types of accounting software are there? Which software best suits your company's needs? What are the costs of the implementation? We have good news for you: good software doesn't have to be expensive. You can find accounting software online that is not only convenient but also free. We have compiled a list of five different accounting software for you to compare:

1. Monkey Office

Monkey Office is an accounting software that is primarily intended for freelancers, the self-employed and small companies. The clear application combines order management and financial accounting. The software records all deposits and withdrawals via bank or cash register and you can use it to manage accounts receivable and payable and to send reminders. It offers many practical functions:

- Record and account for incoming and outgoing invoices

- Cash book, posting of income and expenses

- Management of customer and supplier addresses

- Assignment of cost centers

- Certain evaluations (open items, journal, account statements, totals and balances)

- DATEV import and export as preparatory bookkeeping for the tax advisor

If you are satisfied with Monkey Office but want more functions, there are chargeable extensions available (REWE, FIBU, PRO or Complete with all functions).

2. Taxpool accountant mini

Taxpool Buchhalter Mini is a free accounting software especially for freelancers and start-ups. It is particularly intuitive and therefore easy to use. A particular advantage is that you can switch the input mask between the "Beginner" mode and the "Professional" mode. The automatic backup system also ensures optimal data security. Other useful functions are:

- Document management and assignment

- Business reports

- Allocation of cost centers

- Can run in the network and on external data carriers

- Several data import options (also PayPal)

3. GnuCash

This program is not only interesting for small businesses, but also offers practical functions for private users. It supports home banking via HBCI, has a user-defined interface and can display numerous reports and graphics with pie and bar charts. The principle of double-entry bookkeeping is also used throughout, so that even the highest demands on account management are met. The management of customers, suppliers and invoices is particularly interesting for business transactions. Further features of GnuCash are:

- share accounts

- Scheduled bookings

- financial calculator

- Management of suppliers, customers and invoices

- Work with multiple currencies is possible

4. MMS cash book

With MMS Kassenbuch you get a practical accounting software for small businesses. You can use it to record and manage all deposits and withdrawals as well as deposits and withdrawals made with cash. The payments are posted in the respective accounts and can be practically broken down (for example according to the receipt of the invoice). You can also design the annual connection with MMS cash book according to your requirements. It is particularly practical that you can use the program to make the documents directly available to your tax advisor. Features of MMS Cash Book are:

- Interface for DATEV export

- The program interface is similar to Excel and therefore very intuitive

- Individual accounts for creating a chart of accounts

- Compatible with MMS bookkeeping and balance sheet

5. TZ-EasyBook

TZ-EasyBuch is also an accounting software for freelancers and medium-sized companies. The program offers many functions for your own bookkeeping and the management of payment transactions. Various evaluations give you a comprehensive overview of your income and expenses. The preparation of the surplus invoice is also possible with TZ-EasyBuch and it is suitable for beginners as well as for experts and writes your invoices independently. Other useful functions are:

- Integrated system and document management

- Account statement import, no manual posting of account transactions

- Booking templates

- Asset accounting (depreciation: linear, degressive and individual)