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Deep fryer recipes: Not only french fries can be deep fried

Typical foods for the deep fryer

You can deep fry almost anything in a deep fryer. Typical foods for bathing in hot oil or fat, however, are foods that make one high percentage of starch to have. These include primarily potato products (French fries, croquettes, etc.), meat, fish and a few different types of vegetables.

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Often the products are still coated with dough and flour. Schnitzel, on the other hand, are breaded using ingredients such as flour and breadcrumbs. But fried fish is also perfect for the deep fryer if it is dipped in a special batter, which consists mainly of starch.

Fryer Recipes: A Little Best-off

Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside: this is exactly what characterizes the typical taste of the deep-frying product, which also makes deep-frying so delicious and popular! But most consumers don't even know which one delicious recipes can be cooked with a deep fryer. And all that without spending a lot of time. It is not for nothing that there are whole cookbooks and online recipe books in which tons of deep fryer recipes to be introduced.

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To just show you the possibilities of what you can prepare with your deep fryer, we have put together a small selection of the most popular and best recipes for deep fryers - but without going into detail Ingredients and preparation enter into. In addition to many classics, you will also find some exotic dishes among them. If your mouth is watering while reading, then simply look for the respective dish on the Internet, where you will find the corresponding recipe in no time at all.

  • Schnitzel with french fries (pork or poultry)
  • breaded meatballs
  • Mini pizza made from potato dough
  • crispy cauliflower and / or zucchini from the deep fryer
  • Mushrooms from the deep fryer
  • baked tomato with a mozzarella filling
  • Apple rings in an almond crust
  • Fried vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, zucchini) with chili sauce
  • deep fried chocolate / deep fried chocolate bar

The list of fried specialties could be continued almost at will. But you don't just worry about yours personal menu for variety, but can also show friends and guests what versatile cooking options a deep fryer offers.

Important tips for deep frying

Regardless of the recipe and the food that you want to deep-fry in a hot oil bath, there are some important basic rules to be observed when deep-frying, so that the food tastes even better. For example, pay attention to the oil or fat used or give Spices such as salt and pepper always only after cooking in the deep fryer over the food. In our guide "The best tips & tricks for deep-frying" you will find a lot of other important information and suggestions.

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Depending on the recipe, the food can be wrapped in batter. This is particularly useful, for example, if you have vegetables or fruit with a very high water content want to prepare in the deep fryer, on the one hand, to to prevent strong splashing. In addition, the hot oil or fat will transform the batter into a crispy shell. If you want to prevent the dough from becoming too saturated with fat, you can use ice water when preparing the dough and add a little wine or lemon as well.

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Separate deep fryers for different foods comes in handy

It is well known that tastes are different, so that one fryer prefers a recipe with meat or fish, while the other prefers it Cooking vegetarian recipes want. Thanks to the variety, everyone is guaranteed to find some dishes that suit their own taste. But if you deep-fry a lot of cross-beds, both French fries, meat, vegetables or desserts Prepared in the deep fryer, you should make sure that the food to be fried is separated as much as possible.

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You can use a double deep fryer for this, which has two separate deep-frying chambers, or you can treat yourself to the luxury of equipping yourself with several deep fryers. Because deep fryers are not expensive, and so are they space-saving mini fryers is well worth considering for real fried food lovers. Make sure that only certain foods are prepared in the separate deep fryers in order to prevent the taste of each other.

Ideally, you should separate deep fryers for the following foods be used:

Type of fryerreason
Fryer for potato products (fries and Co.)because of their specific properties
Deep fryer for meat, poultry and vegetablesbecause of the intense coloring from the Maillard reaction (collective name for a class of chemical reactions during cooking)
Deep fryer for fishbecause of the intense taste and smell

Tip! If necessary, a deep fryer to separate meat and vegetarian foods.

Advantages and disadvantages of deep fryers

  • also available in mini or max format
  • Easy to prepare
  • not all foods are suitable for preparation in the deep fryer

Fryer recipe book included

Some deep fryers come with a recipe book for a wide variety of deep fryer dishes. This is often standard, especially with hot air fryers. So you can get the Discover the variety of deep-fryingthat you would not have thought possible in advance.

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Deep fryer recipes: Not only french fries can be deep fried
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