Why are there problems

Problems? There is not any!

How often have you been asked by your partner or other people 'What do you have?' And have you insulted this question or answered it with 'Nothing!'? Is your motto 'Only speaking people can be helped!' already known? We are often faced with question after question and receive no answers. No wonder that many people either ponder for hours in bed before they can fall asleep or lie awake all night. Lack of sleep also draws a lot of energy and we are not only mentally but also physically exhausted.

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'The optimist sees a task in every problem. The pessimist sees a problem in every task. ‘ - unknown author

I say: problems? There is not any!

Some time ago I personally made the decision that there would be no problems. Even if you are a pessimist right now, see a problem in every task, and find life stressful, this is not your problem. It is now only your personal task and challenge to recognize this view and to want to change it.

Realistically speaking and disregarding emotions, the problems that are frequently mentioned in the vernacular are, in my view, merely unsolved tasks for which a solution has to be found. We often find it difficult to deal with a problem because it is unpleasant, maybe even painful to think about or because it brings back memories that we have carried around with us for a long time. However, the only way to get these thoughts about an imaginary problem out of the world and above all out of our heads is:

  1. Detect,
  2. Accept,
  3. Act.

At first glance, some matters seem unsolvable to us and we even doubt that there will ever be a solution to the so-called problem. I often think myself that I have to do it on my own, for example, and don't need any help. This attitude alone is based on my personal principle that to seek help is a kind of weakness. Realistically speaking, however, it is clear to me that I need the help of my family and friends from time to time and can take advantage of it at any time without having to feel guilty about it. By talking about the problem and the feeling of being understood and loved despite the problem, it is often easier for me personally to approach the matter and work on a solution with full zest for action. Do not collect a mountain of problem thoughts inside you, but speak promptly about your problems and with a person you trust. Through the conversation you become aware that there are several points of view and even several possibilities to solve the problem. Make a plan together how you want to proceed and then start acting.

We burden ourselves with our thoughts unnecessarily instead of looking forward to the fact that we have recognized a problem and thus given the chance to grow with this task. Do not get into problems any longer, but deal with them and try to act as quickly as possible. Have fun and good luck with your training.

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Your Kira

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