What happened to CNQJU

Competent veterinary practice - can only be recommended! We have been treating our 3 dogs and 2 cats with the Breuer family for over 10 years. Our four-legged friends were cared for competently and lovingly at all times. The entire team is always friendly and always eager to help. Our animals feel very comfortable in practice. Even when we had to redeem our cat and dog, it was done in such a loving and dignified way. You can feel immediately that the animal is seen as a living being and that euthanasia is not easy for the doctors and the staff. I can contact Ms. and Mr. Dr. Thanks to Breuer and the whole team! The Breuer family is anything but what they are supposed to be. At no time can I say that they did not act for the welfare of the animals. On the contrary - when I was really expecting the worst, Dr. Breuer got our cat back and he put euthanasia very far behind. And what can I say, she's still alive today! Dear Dr. Breuer - thank you very much for that! I find it extremely regrettable that such a hunt for a veterinarian is currently being organized, whose existence is deliberately endangered, a family and employees are burdensome and satisfied customers, if things go very stupid, take a competent and motivated veterinarian . Because we know and appreciate Dr. Breuer: Have you all pointed your finger at the practice of Dr. Show and denounce Breuer, have you ever thought that such a hunt could have dire consequences? It is possible that all those involved and employees are so psychologically stressed because of your hateful comments that you are no longer able to do your work, which you have done very competently and with great care. Perhaps the employees break from having to accept the abuse ... or ... or ... or ... Do you all want to be responsible for the fact that they have to suffer because of ALL of you? Then where is the humanity here? I can not see you! I would be interested in whether all the do-gooders can cope with it. Oh, I forgot ... then of course it's the doctor's fault again! In the social networks you can always open your mouth very big, you don't stand in front of the person ... I dare to doubt that 80% of all the "comment writers" ever saw the doctor or even the animal personally u met. I thought about writing something about it for a long time, but I think it's impossible what is happening here!