What should a professional networking app have

Recommended iPhone apps for professional networking

Meeting people from the business environment is the most difficult part of social networking, especially if you are operating in a new business environment. This is where the little mobile helpers for your iOS device come into play. Apps can help you to make new contacts faster and easier or to cultivate existing relationships in a more targeted manner. In addition to LinkedIn and the Facebook page manager, we also introduce you to productivity apps that support collaboration in large companies and establish internal contacts.

In our gallery below you will find recommended and professional networking apps for a wide variety of situations:

  1. LinkedIn, Meetup, Here on Biz & Co.
    Do you find it difficult to maintain business contacts or even to make new ones? Then try apps. We present you the best helpers for your iPhone.
  2. LinkedIn
    With the “LinkedIn” app you have access to the social network of the same name and you can maintain your contacts on the go. You can search for people, job postings, companies and groups, and read the latest industry news. You can also keep your profile up to date for other users and follow opinion leaders to get insights and content from industry leaders.

  3. Price: free
  4. Facebook page manager
    Facebook's page manager helps you manage your public page while you are on the move. This allows you to keep your fan base up to date with photos and messages and to reply to comments and private messages from users as quickly as possible. You will be informed about new activities via push notifications as usual. You can also access and track the current page statistics via the app.

  5. Price: free
  6. Yammer
    Yammer is a business social network that helps teams bring together and work better together. Ideas can be shared in real time via the app and previously unused connections can be established with colleagues in the company. In addition to ideas, photos, videos and messages can also be sent.

  7. Price: free
  8. Buffer
    "Buffer" represents a central switching point for your social media communication on several platforms. You can share links, images, texts or videos on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and App.net at the same time. You simply add further content to your buffer and choose when and where something should be published. For every social update, you get an insight into the statistics on retweets, likes, redirects and mentions.

  9. Price: free
  10. Business Card Reader Pro
    With "Business Card Reader Pro" you can scan business cards and import them into your contacts. The app uses text recognition to read the contact details and automatically enters them in your address book. According to the operator, the app recognizes 15 languages. In addition, the "Business Card Reader" can be integrated into existing CRM systems such as Sales Force and linked to LinkedIn so that the profile of the contact can be found immediately after the business card has been scanned.

  11. Price: 6.99 euros
  12. City Hour
    The free app "CityHour" is a meeting manager and enables you to connect with other users of the business network LinkedIn. To use the app you need an account. The app uses GPS tracking to determine members within a radius of 80 kilometers who have time to hold a meeting in the next two hours. Agreed meetings are immediately entered in your calendar. You can use the search function to search for name, location, dates or industry.

  13. Price: free

Here on biz

  1. Price: free
  2. Meetup
  3. “Meetup” brings people with the same interests or from close proximity together to so-called meetups. The free app tries to find Meetups in your area via the location localization. You can also enter your interests. You can choose from education, books and writing, business and career, outdoors, food and drink, photo and film, games and science fiction, faith, crafts and hobbies, pets, sports, women and much more. To use the app, however, you have to log in by email address or with your Facebook account. It is mandatory to upload a photo.
  4. Price: free
  5. Slack
  6. "Slack" supports your work team by storing all information that is relevant for the team in a single place. In short, “Slack” is a chat room for the office. You can create individual channels for topics and invite colleagues who are working on them. Slack is not only available as an app for iOS and Android, it is also compatible with web browsers, Windows and Mac OS X. In addition, the productivity solution can be linked with numerous project and task management tools such as Basecamp, Asana, Trello and Github, as well as with Zendesk, Dropbox and Google Drive.
  7. Price: free
  8. Slip
  9. With the help of "Slip" you can expand your network by sharing your contact information with other people. To do this, place your iPhone next to a smartphone that also uses Slip. Illuminates the same color and pattern, the devices are connected to each other. You can exchange the digital business cards with a swipe. The contact information is immediately saved on your iOS device.
  10. Price: free
  11. If you are looking for apps like WhatsApp, Viber & Co., you will find them in the article The best social media apps for the iPhone. (cvi)
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