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Louise Huber celebrated her 90th birthday on May 10th!

The fact that I became aware of the "Huber School" at all is thanks to a horoscope interpretation that Louise published in 1986, the year of Comet Halley, in Astrolog, the journal for astrological psychology. A year later I was leafing through this issue in a small esoteric bookstore in Darmstadt. Perhaps the only one in all of Germany that sold the Astrolog, because this magazine was and is not available for sale at newspaper kiosks. However, the bookseller was so impressed with these magazines that she offered a second subscription to the magazine for purchase in her shop. So I bought my first Astrolog booklet, number 31, for a reduced price of three D-Marks, because I was fascinated by the article about "Martina and Lukas, the special pair of twins". If you can interpret horoscopes of twin siblings in such detail with this astrological psychology, then I wanted that too!

On the occasion of the birthday of the author, who later became my astrology teacher with her husband Bruno Huber, I am publishing my article from Astrolog No. 192 on the Combin horoscope by Louise and Bruno Huber here in the Starfish blog.

Bruno and Louise Huber in the mirror of their Combin horoscope

In the Bible there is an interesting statement by the human teacher Jesus:

"Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am among them."
(Matthew 18:20)

This statement need not be limited to church rituals. It is believed to be universal when two or more people gather to devote themselves to a "higher" cause. who the API planet table knows who knows that Neptunethe Christos, the All-love and the SERVE be assigned. In the Combin, the horoscope of the "energetic relational body" of Bruno and Louise Huber, Neptune plays an important role, because it is in the closest conjunction with the sun on the top of the house and together with it in aspects of the other two I-planets, the moon and Saturn and to the Galactic Center.

About 25 years ago Bruno and Louise Huber described their life path in Astrolog (No. 40 to 45), which led them to create a completely new and unique form of astrology, which Bruno called Astrological Psychology. Louise writes in her memoirs about her first meeting with Bruno: "For four weeks we then had a very intensive exchange of ideas with each other, which lasted almost uninterrupted and night-long. We found that astrology - which I had pushed aside a little - was a strong link between us that was expandable and at the same time creative Bruno's ideas and explanations fascinated me because they were completely different from those I read in the books and I already suspected at that time that they would contain essential astrological innovations for the coming era. "

Bruno describes these first weeks in similar words: "In never-ending conversations, we began to build the vision of a great future; we saw a nobler person in a better world, we realized that we both wanted to do something to raise people's consciousness."

I only know that this meeting took place in 1952, probably in the spring or summer, because Bruno hardly planned to hitchhike through post-war Germany in the cold winter. The Combin age point entered the creative sign Aquarius in the creative 5th house in March 1952 and in the following months aspected the planets Saturn, Moon and the sensory Jupiter / Uranus conjunction in blue aspect colors. The ambivalence triangle has been expanded into a sensitive, harmonizing and healing cradle figure on the DU side.

In the courses with Bruno and Louise I often heard the words "creative" and "vision", and how important the "creative contribution" of each individual is to the evolution of human consciousness. Again and again the "spirit of the API" was invoked, which I felt very strongly and connected with the energy of the planet Neptune. It is certainly no coincidence that in the horoscope of the energetic relationship body of the two, the intersection points are on the sign axis Leo / Aquarius and the relationship axis 5/11, which I also call the creative and creative axis.

In the years that followed this fateful encounter, Bruno, inspired by his love for Louise and her explanations from the world of theosophy (Louise was a student at the Arcane School), laid the essential foundations of his astrology for the new age of Aquarius.

First, however, the two had to and wanted to face the disdainful world of matter and got married on March 21, 1953 under an AP square to the asteroid Chiron (in Greek mythology at least a teacher of astrology, who as a centaur with a horse's abdomen often with the sign Sagittarius is associated) and two quincunxes of the MKH-AP to the detached Mars / Pluto sextile. Two years later son Michael is born under Radix-AP in Quincunxes to Mars / Pluto-Sextile and MKH-AP Square Chiron.

Bruno describes this early "Zurich time", in which the natal and lunar node APs crossed for the first time, as a decisive phase in which he was able to break away from the classical way of thinking of astrology and instead did the actual basic research that made it possible for him , "to define the exact and clearly delimited fundamental meanings of the signs and houses, all planets and the seven primarily important aspect types." At that time, both ages stood in opposition to the detached Mercury and wonderfully describe how Bruno was actually able to detach himself from old thought patterns (11th house) and create something completely new and independent (detached Mercury).

In the summer of 1957, the young Huber family moved to Geneva to help set up the Arkanschule, a "dream job, to work for spiritual ideals," as Bruno put it. The MKH-AP is now in the same position as the Radix-AP when they got to know each other in 1952 and again forms the red and blue cradle figure.

In August 1958 Bruno then cycled over the Alps and in the scorching summer heat through the Po Valley towards his first encounter with Roberto Assagioli in Italy for three weeks of "educational holidays", which then turned into three years of work at the Psychosynthesis Institute. The radix AP had just changed to the sign Pisces and formed a red power square with Saturn, Moon and the Sun / Neptune conjunction, as well as a semi-sextile for the creative Jupiter / Uranus conjunction in Aries. To stay in this picture: things now got going like a wheel of fire (performance square), and the Huber family moved to Florence to take part in the publication of the first book on psychosynthesis. This work naturally had a major influence on Bruno's astrological research.

A look at the AP biography on the left shows that the move to Italy comes at an intense time. We know the paramount importance of the three I-planets sun, moon and Saturn, which were addressed by the age point this year. Experience shows that they also play an important role in Combin horoscopes. Not infrequently it seems that the partners unconsciously embody certain planets of the Combine, slip into the partial personalities of individual planets that seem to correspond to their nature or their role in life. The sun and Saturn, for example, are ideal for those who would like to take on a parenting role, the moon in turn would be the part for those who are more attracted to the "child role".

It does not seem far-fetched to me to find these two individually very different and at the same time very distinctive personalities in the two essential figures in the aspect picture of the Combine by Bruno and Louise: on the right the simple ambivalence figure with Saturn and the moon in blue aspects Jupiter / Uranus conjunction I would assign Louise, who is always the material security and the "grounding" of the Astrological Psychology project in the

Eye (Saturn), who through her knowledge of esotericism and theosophy was able to set many creative impulses in Bruno's work (Jupiter / Uranus conjunction), and who, not least as a mother, had to take care of their son Michael (Saturn with moon). She tried to provide Bruno's work with a stable framework so that her husband, the soul researcher (sun / Neptune conjunction) could pursue his research in the quiet little room of the study (12th house). She took care of the "public relations" (contact me moon in the 9th house and Jupiter / Uranus in the 7th house), seminar rooms, bookkeeping, finances and thus the roots of the joint project on fertile soil (Saturn in the collective Room).

The detached Mercury is in the same sign as the Sun / Neptune conjunction, which can break new ground here in terms of thought. The ascending moon node near the MC expands the semi-sextile from Sun / Neptune to Venus to a small learning triangle, which corresponds very well to Bruno's basic nature as a "triangle type". Here in the 4th quadrant it is concerned with BEing, with the exploration of self-perception and self-realization.

Planets on the main axes of the Combin chart are very important for the relationship. Here Venus stands directly on the ascendant, in the exact square to the galactic center on the IC and to the ascending lunar node on the MC. Bruno describes in his memories that his meeting with Louise was "love at first sight"it was, and that this love inspired him in his astrological research work (small learning triangle between Venus, Sun / Neptune and Moon). If you connect Venus, Sun / Neptune and the lunar node with the Galactic Center, the aspect figure "Animat" is created, which can bring something that is still and latent in motion, as happens, for example, when you become aware of feelings, thoughts or memories.

When Bruno and Louise returned to Switzerland after their intensive years with Assagioli, they founded the Astrological-Psychological Institute in 1964, while the Combin-AP changed from Pisces to Aries and after crossing the cosmic fissure (0 ° Aries) soon reached the Jupiter / Uranus conjunction. During the AP square on Pluto and Trine on Mars, Bruno develops his own teaching concept and brings his knowledge to this in drawings and graphics on paper. The first lecture follows immediately, the API goes public. When the AP stands in the trine to the GZ and in aspects to the Animat-Viereck, both begin with courses in the seminar center of Karlfried Graf Dürckheim in Todtmoos-Rütte. After the AP transition via Chiron, the Achberg summer courses follow, the consultant training and, as a highlight in the shadow of the MC, the first world congress for astrology on Swiss soil with the publication of the first edition of the Astrolog (AP Opposition GZ and MKH-AP Quadrat GZ).

The following 18 years, while the age points run through the 4th quadrant, bring several thousand people into contact with astrological psychology, be it through the astrolog, the API books or attending lectures and courses by API teachers in Switzerland , in Germany and in other countries with API schools. When the age points meet for the second time at Mercury in the 11th house, Bruno begins his last major project, the publication of his astro glossary, first in astrolog and later in a first separate book.

Unfortunately, Bruno can no longer finish this work. After the Combin-AP reaches the valley point of the 12th house, Bruno falls seriously ill and dies on November 3rd, 1999. The Radix-AP has just overflowed the Ascendant and is in conjunction with Venus, in semi-sextile to the Sun / Neptune conjunction and in Squares to the ascending lunar node and the galactic center. The lunar node AP reaches the opposition to the GZ, forms a square to the Venus / lunar node conjunction and a sextile to the sun / Neptune conjunction.

When the MKH age point at the valley point of the 2nd house reached the planetoid Chiron in 2009, Louise was forced to hand over the astrologer to new hands for health reasons and to withdraw from working in the API. When the age point entered Sagittarius, the structures of the API center in Switzerland dissolved. Michael Huber sold the API house in order to settle in Germany and teach the methods of astrological psychology and the planetosophy he developed.

The Combin horoscope is not only fascinating when using the two age points. Transits also respond to this horoscope. On the day of Bruno Huber's death, for example, Neptune was at 2 ° Aquarius, i.e. where the Radix AP was when Bruno and Louise first met and when the couple moved to Geneva to work at the Arcane School of the Lunar Node AP. Venus reached its exact Combin position and the hard planets Mars, Uranus and Saturn aspected the detached Mercury.

With Venusit obviously has a special reasoning in this Combin horoscope. It declined after a few hours on August 20, 1927, the Combins' birthday. your Sabian symbol is a Flag at half mast with the keyword "Danger". In positive terms, this symbolizes degree "the achievement of a person who surpasses himself". Dane Rudhyar writes of the in his reformulation of the degrees of the zodiac "Social recognition for a well-done work, a fulfilled purpose". To the Ascendantthe next level is the keyword in MegaStar "Euphoria" and Dane Rudhyar's comment: "The first stage of actual participation in the great ritual of planetary evolution"which is definitely in line with the life's work of Bruno and Louise Huber.

Horoscope data:
Bruno Huber: November 29, 1930, 12.55 p.m., Zurich
Louise Huber: May 10, 1924, 3:15 a.m., Bamberg
Combin: 08/20/1927, 05/07 GMT, 48N37 09E35

Astrolog No. 40 to 45
Dane Rudhyar: Astrological Zodiac and Consciousness

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